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By: Lulu Gleason

So what is Cartomancy exactly? During my research I’ve found it’s a way to provide a reading with a regular deck of cards. This practice came about sometime after the 14th century soon after ‘playing cards’ were introduced in Europe.

Though reading of cards or objects (runes, Sticks, or other methods) has been something done over centuries Cartomancy has a solid practice other than the tarot. There are even accounts of ancient Egyptians that would create their own ‘decks’ to help with divination.

As I continued my journey into Cartomancy I was able to come across many different types of ways to read cards. With all my questions I gave a quick call to a psychic that has a lot of experience with Cartomancy. I was presented with the Karma system by the psychic Margie (extension 7020).

The Karma system is a simple way to start your practice with a regular deck of paying cards. Step 1, getting a deck of playing cards. Now the unwritten law about this is they have to be a gift given to you. Have a friend or a family member buy you a pack of regular playing cards.

You can make your own cards but getting them as a gift seems to be easier. Once you’ve gotten the cards be sure to remove the cards 2’s – 6’s in each suit (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds). You should only have the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10, 9, 8, and 7’s in each suit.

Step 2, you have to give your energy to the remainder of the cards by shuffling them a lot. Margie says that you would also have to wrap the cards in something soft like nylon or silk and sleep with them under you pillow for about a week. The Karma System suggested to me by Margie is an interesting structure based on the 7 card and piles of 4.

A bit complicated and awkward for me since I’m more used to the Celtic cross Tarot lay out. Practice seems to be the first thing that I can think of when involved with card reading. This usually isn’t something you can have down in a matter of a couple of days. There is an art involved and of course how you interpret the cards is very important.

So as the weeks progressed I’ve found through a lot of practice and paying attention to what my cards tell me the art of divination by the Karma System has been getting to be a bit easier to read. Any system you use will and could alter by the time you’ve reached a level your own personal spiritual growth will take you.

Margie says that the system she uses now is nothing like the one she had originally been taught but is now something more personal. Like a thumb print our spiritual sides is in some way a mirror to our own individuality and the cards used will show this spiritual individuality.

You see I’ve been told that reading of cards is all based on how you or your reader is connected to them. How well they’ve been able to psychically connect and how well they are able to translate the message being given through the cards.

Not everything you read or have been told can be 100%. Life just doesn’t give that type of guarantee even though some of us really would like that. According to sources everyone has the ability and opportunity to change what is foretold. Destiny is something only an individual can undertake willingly or not. Hence free will.

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