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This month we’re excited to discuss, predict, and delve into the lives and careers of Hollywood’s most talked about male Aries. Our psychics James and Michael give us the dish on what they foresee.


This Week: James Franco, William McNamara, Laz Alonzo, and Paul Rudd.


James Franco:

Career: “A script involving a brave and romantic historical figure is coming his way. He will accept the part,  but only if he can assist in the writing.” – James

” With a movie career that is only getting stronger, expect to see James step into more character roles where  he will be unrecognizable! Chances are he won’t host the Oscars again, but next time he might just leave with one.” – Michael

Love: ” By the end of summer, he will find the time for romance with an air sign.” – James

” While James is focused and career minded, it is still a struggle for him to commit to a long term relationship. Meeting the right partner, outside of the entertainment industry, is the key to a successful relationship for him.”
– Michael

Future: ” In demand and the ability to pick and chose.” – James


William McNamara:

Career: ” I see lots of action oriented portrayals; fast cars and women; the hero of course.” – James

” Working as an actor since childhood, William is no stranger to hard work and success. He will be exploring other   areas in entertainment such as screen writing and directing and will be equally as successful.” – Michael

Love: ” Dating, but nothing serious yet…” – James

” Love has taken a back seat for most of his life, but that will all change by the end of the year.  A past love is likely to re – enter his life and he will surely get it right this time around.” – Michael

Future: ” He will spend quality time with a woman very popular in the sports world.” – James

” Marriage and family will be the next chapter for William.” – Michael


Laz Alonzo:

Career: ” The skills that he has acquired in education and life will be utilized in his successful assistance to    some very deserving young men and women.” – James

” Business will only pick up for this multi – talented actor. His calender is quickly filling up and his phone   won’t stop ringing! You can expect to see him really showing off his acting chops this year by working in the   theater.” -Michael

Love: ” He is very much in love; it is returned and will grow and produce.” – James

“…a sensitive romantic…” – Michael

Future: “A movie involving an important, but rarely discussed social issue.” – James

” Financially and emotionally, Laz is on top of his game. However, there is plenty of travel planned for the year.” -Michael


Paul Rudd:

Career: ” He will pursue more family oriented parts, with an important meaning to all.” – James

” We just can’t get enough of this funny man and that’s good considering his career isn’t slowing down one    bit!   However, there are a few dramatic roles scheduled this year and he is sure to please.” – Michael

Love: ” Happily married; and he puts family first, always.” – James

” Happily married and a father of two. Paul will find himself making room for a third by the end of the year.” -Michael

Future: ” The chance to portray a famous comedian in a movie; one of his personal heros.” – James

” His future is bright but that’s mainly because of his humor and positive outlook on life. The sky is the limit for Paul and he will not slow down anytime soon.” – Michael


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