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This month we’re excited to discuss, predict, and delve into the lives and careers of Hollywood’s most talked about male Aries. Our psychics James and Michael give us the dish on what they foresee.


This Week: Quentin Tarantino, Jesse McCartney, Shamar Moore, and Brett Ratner.



Quentin Tarantino:

Career: ” He will find after a long search that he would be perfect for the roll of his life; himself.” – James

” After making a career comeback this year, the eccentric filmmaker will take a short break. However, his next idea is in early development and it won’t be long before he’s ready to share it with the world. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for the ride! ” – Michael

Love: ” This man loves life, and a secure friendship that will evolve into love.” – James

“Although this creative genius finds love in everything he does. He has yet to commit to true love. He has resisted it for most of his life believing that he just isn’t “ready”. Love will show up as it has in his past except this time, he’ll be better equipped to open his heart.” – Michael

Future: ” He will be very active this year with a labor of love.” – James

” It’s no surprise that the man will be making films until he can’t anymore, but might choose to teach by the time he’s in his late 50’s.” – Michael



Jesse McCartney:

Career: ” The musical part of his career will take the main stage for the rest of the year.” – James

” Having a string of hits under his belt at such a young age, Jesse will show his maturity and growth by the end of the year with an exciting new musical release. His entrepreneurial skills are also front and center so expect to see more of Jesse on t.v., in stores, and on the book shelves!” – Michael

Love: ” He is open and free regarding romantic relationships and is also very, very concerned that his fans and others see him in a positive light, and they do.” – James

” Love seems to follow Jesse everywhere he goes, but as soon as he takes the time to invest in a relationship, he won’t have any problems settling down.” – Michael

Future: ” Philantrophy will be a bigger part of his future as well as producing films and writing music for other hit artists.” – Michael



Shamar Moore:

Career: “As a role model and actor, his influence on youth is primary and he is extremely aware of this fact. His influence and career will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.” – James

” Spending most of his time in front of the camera, Shamar is showing no signs of slowing down. He will land the biggest role of his career this year and that will take him places he never imagined! ” – Michael

Love: ” Someone from the past will re – enter his life, and this time it will work out just fine.” – James

“Always feeling unlucky in love, the next two years will be very different for Shamar. He will meet the love of his life, but shes not the person he imagined it would be. She will be better! ” – Michael

Future: ” Look for an appearance on a top rated day time show.” – James

” Fans will be able to catch Shamar on the small screen for a bit longer but by the end of the year he’ll likely take a much needed break to focus on his love life. its about to get steamy! ” – Michael



Brett Ratner:

Career: ” Always in a position of leadership, Brett will continue to produce, direct and write projects that are close to him personally. It’s likely that he will also work more in music this year which is his true passion.” -Michael

Love: ” A deep friendship will evolve into a permeant long-term love, and yes; children.” -James

” After a series of failed relationships, Brett will begin to open his heart again and let love back in. He’s smarter, wiser and has a much better sense of self which will certainly attract the right partner in the near future.” -Michael

Future: ” His recognition as a writer, director, and performer will steadily increase for the foreseeable future.” -James

” Bretts fast-paced life and hectic schedule will keep him going for now but by mid year he will likely take a break to work on his home life. There’s a life changing move that will occur and he won’t be going at it alone for much longer.” -Michael



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