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This month we’re excited to discuss, predict, and delve into the lives and careers of Hollywood’s most talked about male Aries. Our psychics James and Michael give us the dish on what they foresee.


This Week: Eric McCormack, Eric Roberts, and Adrien Brody.



Eric McCormack:
Career: ” The opportunity for a great movie role is coming; and he will need to brush up on his musical experience.” – James

” After a long run on one of t.v.’s most successful sitcoms, Eric hasn’t taken much of a break. His body of work is expanding and he’s now in a position where he can pick and choose his projects wisely. A stage man at heart, expect to see him singing on Broadway and, as always, making us laugh.” – Michael

Love: ” He has always found the family to be the most important thing in his life, he is in a very comfortable relationship and has no desire to change.” – James

” Love has always been a priority for Eric and his relationship only gets stronger with time. He puts his family first and has a huge heart which is demonstrated through all of the charity work hes involved in.” – Michael

Future: ” A return to canada will not only be pleasurable, but also inspirational and the wheels of creativity will move in a very favorable direction, for him personally and also his many fans.” -james

“Eric will continue to help others through his celebrity status. his priority is his family and that could lead to some time off in the near future.” -Michael


Eric Roberts:
Career: ” I see Eric taking a turn toward the educational aspect of reality and it’s potential.” – James

” Eric’s career has certainly seen it’s ups and downs, but the best is yet to come. He will be making regular appearances on t.v. this year along with a major film role that will shock most viewers.” – Michael

Love: ” Love and relationships have always been an up hill battle for him as he has struggled with his own issues through the years. After many years of marriage, he is starting to understand the value and meaning of his life and will continue improving himself mind, body, and spirit.” – Michael

Future: ” A family reunion that no one wants to attend, but everyone will enjoy very much.” – James

“A generous, loving, and compassionate soul. Eric will continue on his path of self awareness. This will make him feel much more fulfilled and he will be in a better position to give back.” – Michael


Adrien Brody:
Career: ” His career will take a break due to personal issues, but only a break.” – James

” A major career change could be in the works for this academy award winning actor. As talented and spirited as he is, he’s always looking for a challenge and if it doesn’t come through acting, then he might start looking elsewhere.” – Michael

Love: ” A love relationship will happen by next year, but he is in no hurry.” – James

” His biggest obstacle in love is not putting it first. He can’t expect to find true happiness with a partner until he makes room for it in his life.” – Michael

Future: ” He will be offered a chance to portray one of the most recognized and influential religious figures of all time. He will give this idea a lot of serious thought, and finally except the offer.” – James

” His adventurous side is in high gear and could result in him relocating overseas for several years. He will also explore other hidden talents that might even shock him!” – Michael




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