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By: Lulu Gleason
When I was asked to do a blog on this week’s celebrity I decided to go with Ashton Kutcher for two reasons. One, he’s so sexy and two, I wanted to get to know him better on an astrological basis. He’s in that new movie coming out Friday called New Year’s Eve and I assure you I’m going to be down at the theater this weekend to watch it. Now with any chart I do for any celebrity it’s always based off of the information that’s made available to me. Hopefully it’s close.

Feb, 7th, 1978
Cedar Rapids, IA
Birth time: Unknown

SUN SIGN: AQUARIUS: He’s not one to just follow along with everyone else on this road of life. He likes to be unique and is attracted to advancement and the progress of expanding his mind. He can be a bit aloof and standoffish but none the less he’ll be well liked. He’ll follow the motto ‘Be true to yourself and not follow a crowd’. He likes freedom and space in personal relationships and if you even think about boxing him in this will be something that will not be acceptable.

Ashton’s got a rebellious and revolutionary spirit but there’s a sense of balance in his personality. Even in his chart it says he’s sexy and that the opposite sex finds his self confidence and security something that’s easy to approach. He’s not one to rock the boat in personal relationships mostly because he’s got a tendency towards too much acceptance. He’ll be popular… but we’ve already seen that.

How others see Ashton: ASCENDANT: GEMINI: He’s curious and is an information sponge when he’s learning. He’ll have a keen eye on his social status so don’t be surprised if something happens to promote him socially. He tends to ask a lot of questions and could come off as restless and impatient. There’s a huge source of talent for words and this serves him well. Though he could get too caught up intellectually and forget about others around him.

There seems to be two sides to him at times because of the duality of Gemini. He can do several things at the same time while appearing to others that he’s not paying attention. Alternately he can also seem like he’s paying attention and in reality he’s not. He’s the ultimate ‘jack of all trades and the master of none’ so he needs to be cautious in controlling his desire to move on to something new.

His inner personality: MOON: AQUARIUS: He’s extremely observant of everything around him especially socially. He’s got many friends, is modern, and sometimes he can display some sharp mood swings. He’ll not likely be reliable when it comes to the little things in life, but you’ll always know he’ll be frank and honest. He likes his comforts and is capable of keeping an eye on surrounding himself with the right people.

With this placement he might have some relationships issues with his mother and at some point considerable family problems. With the placement of his moon sign we see it’s in opposition with his Saturn this could mean he might have been lacking maternal love as a child either by choice or not. When in love he’s usually devoted but in everything he does he’s that way. He wants to get close to people but he wants to have personal freedom just as much which leads to some issues. He’ll have a hard time juggling his love life and his personal success at the same time.

How he communicates to the world: MERCURY: AQUARIUS: He’s got a way to stir people up but not in a loud or lavished ways. He likes to debate and heighten his intellect. There’s an amazing power of observation and quirky way of looking at the world. He likes perspectives and he’s usually the first one to offer different ones. He’ll like practical jokes, humor, debating, and raising eyebrows.

His relationships: VENUS: AQUARIUS: He comes off unique and rebellious with a dash of the provocative. Most people will find him more attractive when he’s acting aloof. He’ll most likely be attracted to unusual or unconventional relationships. And it’s not surprising to find that in his chart he’ll need to have someone on the older side to help him grow within himself. He’ll choose someone who: is a good friend, lets him know how interesting he is, puts up with his need to be intellectually superior, and lets him be free to be himself.

He’ll avoid emotional displays as if his life depended on it. He will fall in love easily, but he’s frightened of showing this love which leads to break-ups, disappointments, or a lack of satisfaction. He’ll eventually lean how to be happy in love thanks to someone older that can give him self confidence and help him grow as long as they don’t suffocate his independent nature. He’ll truly live some passionate love affairs.

What motivates him: MARS: CANCER: He’s got a sort of passive aggressiveness in the way he confronts things. He’ll be resistant to change and you better believe he’ll need to feel secure before he’ll act. He can appear slow and weak but this isn’t so. His sex drive is emotional and at his best he can make others feel protected in a very therapeutic way. When given the chance to be protective you’ll see him shine the best. Mostly, he needs to avoid being over-sensitive and self protected when it comes to sex.

He’s really doesn’t like indifference and with that he can be argumentative and manipulative. But with this placement the energy will vary in a wide kind of range. There’s a defensive reaction to him and this will lead to having emotional displays when backed into a corner. But with enough reassurance, some confidence, and independent freedom these negatives can be changed into something more protective and helpful which can create in him something more dependable in the long haul.

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  1. I’ve been away for over a month, but you reminded me why I enjoy this site so much. Thank you, I will start reading more consistently.

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