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By: Erin



This week I chose to brighten the spotlight that is already shining on the ever so sexy Channing Tatum. He just celebrated his 33rd birthday this past Friday and I’m sure he celebrated it in true Taurus fashion surrounded with loved ones and lots of laughs. Given the little information available on the net I decided to run a basic astrology report on Channing and get to know him on a deeper level and find out what makes him tick.


Born: April 26, 1980

Cullman, Alabama, US

Birth Time: Unknown


Sun Sign: Taurus:

Born with the sun sign in Taurus, Channing proves to be a very hard worker who isn’t afraid to take risks and do whatever necessary to keep moving towards his goals. He is not intimidated by challenges, in fact he welcomes them with open arms and in 2012 he stated in an interview that he wants to produce all the films he stars in. When a Taurus native works, they put their everything into it and are considered to be very dependable and their steady effort shows and has very good payoffs. Clearly.


Channing has a deep appreciation for life and you can see that he really enjoys what he does. He always seems to have a great chemistry with his co-workers and has a great attitude, which will keep his good reputation rising and keep him moving forward.


How Others See Him: Ascendant: Leo:

He can’t help but be noticed. Channing has a natural flair for presentation and radiates a certain energy that really gets other peoples attention. He is a kid at heart and likes to keep things fun and light but at the same time knows when to get serious and put his game face on. He is like a human magnet and everyone he meets is drawn to his generous, warm, and fun loving nature. His kind heart and trustworthy nature makes it easy to open up to him quickly and people often turn to him for advice.


His Inner Personality: Moon: Virgo:

First and foremost he needs to feel useful. Without a steady routine of some sort, he would quickly become extremely restless, nervous and basically start to unravel a bit. He feels most content when he is doing normal everyday tasks like running to the store, the gym, making dinner, etc. He’s also the type that needs to feel like he is not only doing stuff to help keep himself busy and content, but those around him. He has this constant need to make sure everyone around him is taken care of and if anyone were to need help he would be the first one there!


How He Communicates To The World: Mercury: Aries:

He tends to make decisions at the drop of a dime and that sometimes can lead others around him to think that he might not be thinking these decisions through carefully. Truth is that’s not the case at all. He knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t enjoy sorting through too many details; he’s all about trial and error – go big or go home.


He’s very quick to the point and direct because of the eagerness behind his ideas and the urgency in which he wants to get things done. Channing is super intelligent and enthusiastic about all things in life his excitement for success makes him a born leader. It’s no wonder the movie scripts keep piling up for him. He is currently working on five different films.


His Relationships: Venus: Gemini:

He’s definitely a charmer. He is the type of guy who appreciates lightheartedness in love. When trying to win over the object of his affection he will use his wit and get her laughing; however, this is almost a test too to see if she can reciprocate and keep up with him and strike up a witty conversation. Of course he will go a bit further and while still keeping things light and fun, find a way to show off a bit about his many different areas of expertise.


On a deeper level he acknowledges the give and take in relationships and he wants to make sure his partner is happy.  He is a big believer in giving each other space for them both to do things outside of the relationship with friends and other activities. Channing constantly lets his wife know how much he loves her and that’s why they have such a solid relationship. It’s very fair.


What Motivates Him: Mars: Leo:

He likes to take risks. Challenges are exciting to him and he doesn’t really see them as actual challenges. He feels the need to keep going and moving forward to bigger and better things. Being creative is super important to him and it gives his life very significant meaning. He knows exactly what he wants and he knows exactly how to get it and it’s his general want for success that drives him to get it. Channing wants to make a lasting impression and if you ask me, he already has.


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