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By: Erin


For this edition of the Taurus celebrity profile series I decided to go with the stunningly beautiful Mad Men star Christina Hendricks. Her beautiful red locks, ruby red lips, breathy voice, and body that wont quit got men all over the world wanting more. She has also reminded people that having curves is sexy and has become a role model to many. Lets get to know a bit about what’s underneath all that beauty, shall we?


Born: May 3, 1975

Knoxville, Tennessee, US

Birth Time: Unknown


Sun Sign: Taurus:

She is all about order, beauty, and the finer things in life. She is a very sensual person and therefore she likes to indulge a bit in similar things such as fine wines, five star cuisines, big comfy furniture and so on. Christina works hard and although she loves it, she definitely appreciates the downtime and payoffs that come with it.
Christina is very intelligent and knows what she wants in life. She has very high aspirations and sometimes she has fears that she will not be able to move towards them but she just needs to take comfort in her own strength and she will see she can accomplish everything she sets out to do. Her determination and want will be what gets the prize.


How Others See Her: Ascendant: Leo:

The phrase “Life is a stage” definitely applies to her. No matter where she is, she is always very self-aware and concerned about how others perceive her. She shouldn’t worry though, people born with the ascendant Leo have a natural magnetism that draws people towards them. People can’t help but to notice her.


Her Inner Personality: Moon: Aquarius:

Although she may come off very sociable, she is a loner at heart. She likes to observe people and likes to analyze them and its almost as if she’s watching them instead of them watching her. She wants to know why they do what they do and this could be because likes the change of roles.

She wants the freedom to be herself. She is unique and when she was growing up she kind of felt detached and now she owns her uniqueness and she loves being different. If you don’t accept her for who she is then keep it moving because she has no room for you in her life.


How She Communicates To the World: Mercury: Taurus:

She is very direct and calls it like she sees it. She has no problem voicing her opinions because she has a different way of thinking and wants the world to know it. People around her enjoy listening to her speak because she is very well spoken and intelligent.

She can sometimes speak with an undertone of sarcasm due to her direct mannerisms but it comes off fun and light and people find it charming rather than rude or harsh. Christina has a very sexy breathy voice and this also gets people really intrigued and people enjoy listening to her speak.


Her Relationships: Venus: Gemini:

She is a bit of a tease at first. She is very playful and likes to play a bit of cat and mouse. She may be a bit hard to pin down at first because she doesn’t want her relationship to feel too comfortable right off the bat. She likes to leave room for growth and this is why she is a bit cautious at first.

She wants to be stimulated by her mates’ verbal skills. I mentioned previously that she is very curious about people and she likes to strike up conversation about her variety of interests to see if they can keep up. Her attractions mainly begin with words then they can form bonds on a deeper mental level.


What Motivates Her: Mars: Pisces:

She’s definitely in the right profession. She is ruled by her creativity and has to let it out or it can cause quite a problem for her. Without some sort of a creative outlet she might get a bit ill tempered. She wants to show the world what she is capable of expressing herself in many ways.


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