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By: Erin

Today I’d like to focus on the star of HBO’s hit series Girls Lena Dunham. We see a lot of her these days, and I mean a lot of her! Lena can do it all; act, write, direct, produce, you name it. At only 26 years old she’s recently been named one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine. Personally, I love her and I am very excited to write this blog and learn more about the inner mind of miss Dunham. Her chart is very interesting. It’s a bit all over the place, much like her character Hannah in Girls.

Born: May 13, 1986

New York City, NY

Birth Time: Unknown

Sun Sign: Taurus:

Sharing the same sun sign as our other featured celebrities we really don’t have to go into too much further detail on this one. With her sun in Taurus she too proves to have a strong work ethic and great career goals.

Lena sticks to her guns in true Taurus fashion and can be a bit hard to get her to budge on some of her ideas so the stubbornness of the bull definitely shows in this feisty girl.

How Others See Her: Ascendant: Capricorn:

In general, people see her as someone with a lot of perseverance and ambition. Lena seems to be wise way beyond her years. She has a very unique way of thinking and general outlook on life, which seem to draw a lot of people towards her.

She is very sarcastic and some people might be a bit put off by this if they don’t know her on a personal level. She is very witty but it’s not a generic type of wit, she is very smart and so is her humor and if you don’t get it, you might think she is a bit egocentric.

Her Inner Personality: Moon: Cancer:

She tends to seek comfort and cling to things she feels most familiar with like her home, family, and friends. She is a bit insecure and this is why she tends to cling onto these things for security. Lena doesn’t deal with change very well and is a creature of habit.

Due to her underlying insecurities, if she feels like she’s being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of watch out; she can be a bit manipulative. Most likely she won’t confront the person directly, she will get their attention in a roundabout way and become pretty irrational. Sometimes she might be a bit hard to deal with. On the other hand, Lena for the most part is pretty easy going. If you treat her with respect and kindness you will get it back times 10. She is a very caring person. She just doesn’t have time for people who are going to treat her like crap.

How She Communicates To the World: Mercury: Taurus:

People like listening to what she has to say. She is very smart, witty, and has a lot of creative and unique ideas and thoughts. Lena is very animated when she speaks and it shows her passion for what she is talking about.

She has strong opinions and she voices them well. She is a great thinker and she knows how to get people to really listen to her and get them to understand her though process.

Her Relationships: Venus: Gemini:

As much as she craves love, she is a bit resistant of relationships simply because she fears getting too comfortable with a person too quickly. She might be a bit overly cautious at times. She has a lot of love to give and wants to be loved but she tends to be a bit detached on an emotional level.

As you can see in the other parts of her chart, Lena has a lot of different sides to her and this really reflects in her relationships. She has so many different interests that her tastes change very quickly so she might not exactly know what she wants in a partner. When she is in a relationship, it’s hard to know what to expect from one day to the next.

She needs someone who can keep her stimulated on a mental level and a go with the flow kind of guy. She can talk for hours about anything and everything so her partner needs to be able to do the same. Lena likes to tease and be playful with her mate. She likes to have fun and keep things light.

What Motivates Her: Mars: Capricorn:

What motivates Lena most is her need to stay in control of everything. Perhaps this is why she dabbles in many different areas of the creative world. She is in no way a “control freak” but she definitely likes order or even a little bit of chaotic order. Again, going back to what has been mentioned before, she is very wise and she knows she will go far because she has a lot of common sense and she has realistic goals for herself.

Lena puts herself into her work whole-heartedly. She uses it almost as a form of therapy or anger management. By playing these roles she is able to show her real self to the world, good and bad without really feeling like she’s actually exposing herself. All the quirky, traumatizing, hilarious, victories, failures, are all out there and by people showing they can relate to these things that’s really what makes her want to continue doing what she is doing.

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