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By: Erin


Here are some fun Halloween decorations that you can make yourself that won’t break the bank. I like a lot of these because it’s actually just using stuff from around the house that you already have. Are your Halloween decorations a bit dated or falling apart? Instead of going out and spending a fortune on decorations this year, get the family or a group of friends together and try out some of these fun and easy projects.

Spooky Eyes


What You’ll Need:

-Old toilet paper rolls
-Glow Sticks
*optional* Black paint

1. Take your old toilet paper rolls and cut evil eye shapes into them. *optional* paint tubes black.
2. Place a glow stick into each toilet paper roll and tape it in place. This not only prevents the glow stick from falling out but it will also help add weight to the roll so when you go to place it in the bushes and trees it wont blow away.
3. Place the toilet paper rolls in bushes, trees, under porches, in barns, etc. and enjoy the spookiness.


Ghostly Gallons


What You’ll Need:
-A few empty milk jugs
-Black permanent marker
-Flame-less candles


1. Draw fun or scary faces on the front of your milk jug with your black marker.
2. Take your scissors and cut a hole in the lower back side of the jug big enough to slide 1 or 2 flameless candles in (depending on how dim or bright you want them)
3. Place the flame-less candles in the jug and enjoy.

**You can also use colorful glow sticks if you want to make monster face jugs using the same process.**


Fallen Witch


What You’ll Need:

-1 Pair of Striped Thigh High Stockings
-1 Pair of Black Thigh High Stockings
-An old pair of heeled shoes
-Wire (a wire hanger will do)
-Stuffing or Padding
*optional* Gold Felt-like material for the buckles on the shoes.


1. Form your wire into the shape of the legs.
2. Wrap the padding you chose around the wire pulling it very tight to make sure you get a good form then put your molded witch legs into the black stockings to add smoothness. Knot any excess stocking at the top.
3. Put your striped thigh high stockings onto your witch legs and you can start to adjust the padding through the stockings to make it look the way you want.
4. Put legs into your desired location then add the shoes and enjoy.

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