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One of the questions we get asked the most as customer service representatives is “How do you find your psychics?” or “How accurate are your psychics?”



There is a process that goes into bringing the best psychics from all over the country onto our line. We are very lucky and proud to have the psychics we have on our line. In our latest press release we let you in on what goes into the process of finding the best psychics for our callers.



We are also excited to announce that we have 3 new psychics on the line, Miller, Carmel, and Julia. Miller is in his 2nd week with us and the feedback we have gotten about him from callers has been great. Carmel and Julia are starting this week and tested very well. Make sure you call in and ask about them and check out the “Find A Psychic” tab for updates on their schedules and specialties.



You can read the entire release here


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