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By : Nancy


Keeping your spirit clean and unclouded is important for your spiritual self to feel lighter and in touch with your instincts and guidance from your Angel’s. I’ve discovered that your Guardian Angel keeps track of your endeavors in your life. They and your spirit guides give you great spiritual guidance by your instincts if you clear enough to listen in your spirit. Therefore keeping it a clear pathway to be connected to your Angels and Guides is important. To be able to take time to meditate , listen to relaxing music, read an affirmation and get grounded in your spiritual center which can also by the sound of nature around you as leaves blowing and a dove speaking to you. It could be looking at the water or ancient trees and listening to a wind chime or fountain. To think of nothing for a period each day can clear your being of cloudiness and a cluttered mind so you are able to listen to the wisdom within your spiritual self.Many answers may come this way by your Guardian angel giving you direction in your spiritual center and by your guides who are there to assist you with their thoughtful help as they know what their assignment is in need of and desires and want the best for you. They will send you a sudden inspiration, an answer you need and support your being by their many large wings fluttering around you as a miracle capable of transpiring by you knowing this as to know so and to be such your awareness and spiritual center you’ve unblocked and kept cleared can heighten the miracles around you in your daily life by being in touch with Guides and Angels as a believer in them. Clearing away anger and past hurts can clear your spiritual center as a void to your inner self that you can tap into by seeking it and by the taking the measures for it to occur by your work you do on yourself and by a list and notes of what you are planning to clear yourself out is a direct communication to your Angels and spirit guides to know what you are desiring they can help it occur.
I do spiritual and emotional healing readings and call upon the healer to pull negativity from your being. I also do past life readings and readings on occurance’s in this life that may block you, such as a childhood or youth upsetting experience thats locked inside. This can clog you up and block your spirit from being a clear tunnel to your inner self that has so much wisdom to know the answers to your problems. I also tell customers in readings the emotional healing prayer to unblock your clogged spirit and that is to pray every hour on the chime twenty four hours a day whenever your awake for three and a half weeks straight. You may pray to who you choose and write your own prayer you long to have to answered such as ” Dear Guardian Angel I want my being to be clear so I may hear what you say to me. Please pull any emotions clogging me up from my body. Thank you, Amen”.
I had my own experience with this blockage years ago. When I listened to hypnosis tapes I would suddenly bolt up as if something happened that was traumatizing that I buried inside my soul. After soul searching and remembering incidences by feeling them, reading about healing and by writing about them I suddenly felt lighter one day as if a load was lifted. I know unblocking incidences that clogged me up helped me to become a medium clear vessel of open light. I also do past life readings and energy clearings of events that happened that a person may feel inside and not be able to put their finger on, becoming aware of past life and childhood youth occurance’s unblocks your spirit to connect to your wisdom and instincts from your Angels and guidance in your spiritual center.




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