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By : Nikki Savage


Lately it seems that everyone has been recognizing a shift in energy.  Some feel it is a global awakening.  Some read it as apocalyptic. Some think it is just a byproduct of our current political climate.   Whatever anyone thinks, it seems most people are definitely feeling it.


So I’ve been pondering a few ideas of my own.  The more I study the Vedic philosophies, the more I believe we are in the process of a collective energetic evolution.  I believe we are moving into a more heart centered place, leveling up from the solar plexus.  It’s crazy that to get to the heart we would find ourselves in such hateful times.


If you are familiar with the chakra system, you know the root is the first chakra, at the base of the spine, near our coccyx (tailbone).  It is the energetic center of our survival instincts.  It is the place of all of our basic needs to live physically.  It houses the drive to secure food and water, to find shelter and to keep ourselves from harm.  It is the only place that fear can serve us in a positive way, by alerting us of actual danger and stimulating a response in our bodies that enables us to protect ourselves.


Once we have that down and are feeling secure and grounded, we move to the next chakra, the sacral chakra.  It is located, as the name suggests, in our sacrum or pelvic area.  It is the house of our creativity, both artistic and sexual.  This gives us the drive to take ideas and manifest them and the drive to procreate.  (So both to come up with concepts and to conceive children.  Not a coincidence in language!)  It is the seat of our passion and gives us the motivation to create what we desire to have in our lives.


After the sacral chakra, we have the solar plexus.  It is the center of our idea of self.  It houses our individual identity and personal power.  It is the seat of our self-confidence and it is here we establish our boundaries and our own self-worth.  It is where our ego is formed and where we usually need to go to address our egos when they get out of hand.   It is also where I believe we are in our collective evolution.


We know how to physically survive – we got the whole finding food and shelter thing down.  We know how to create  – look at all the technology, innovations and people in this world!  We have established ourselves as individuals as we all go to work on our careers and work on our own individuality and authenticity.   But I don’t believe we have completely balanced ourselves as a whole in this area – which is why I believe we are resisting the next level.


The next jump up into the heart chakra is a doozy.  It requires a very healthy and secure sense of self, one that allows for the greatness of others.  Living in a society that has more of a competitive, dog eat dog mentality, makes it a bit hard to not feel threatened by another’s success.  And that’s what we need to get beyond if we want to level up.  If we want to get to the next stage of our evolution.


The heart chakra is the gateway to our subtle being.  It is the chakra that connects our physical existence to our spiritual one.  We’ve become collectively distrustful of spirit.  It has been connected to religion which has been  bastardized and corrupted like so many institutions so we discredit it.  Of course it would be hard to collectively make the leap to a more spiritual existence.  We’ve divided Spirit (aka life force, the divine, God, Buddah, Allah, the Schwartz – whatever you want to call it!) into teams and actually fight and die over this great source of everything that is and ever will be.  We acknowledge we are of the same energy and we kill over our individual interpretation of that energy.


I think enough people are now sensitive to our greater oneness which is what is allowing that next level shift to start pulling at our cores.  But it feels we have a long road ahead to make the leap.  We’ve been taught to equate sensitivity as weakness and have also created hypersensitivity in response.  We’ve become defensive and closed to those who don’t agree.


I’m not sure how we create a path to the next level together.  I know we each have the power to make the leap and I suppose that is where all change needs to start, isn’t it?  I am hopeful we can all make the shift to a place of unconditional love but I am not naive enough to think it will be easy or painless.  The lessons compassion brings rarely are easy or painless.  But I think that is what we are seeing everyday in the news.  Maybe the root cause of all this chaos is our unwillingness as a whole to find compassionate forgiveness for ourselves and everyone else.  Maybe once we do, we can get to the heart of the matter.  Which is heart of all matter.


Do you feel the shifting energy?  Do you feel an unnameable restlessness that speaks of a better way of life for us all?   If you do, what do you believe is at its root?  And how are you working towards listening to its call?



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2 Responses

  1. I believe listening to such calls is not totally up to us, I believe the amount of love we give out depends on the amount of happiness we obtain and happiness mostly depends on getting thing or the people we want in our life, a man once said “That man should be happy is not the plan of creation” most of the times we tend to like to have things that we technically can’t afford/justify having or wanting people that don’t want us, if we want to shift to a place of unconditional love, we must learn to let things be sometimes or try to forget the things that we love to have but can’t afford/justify having, and appreciate the ones we have or the ones that may be available to us as if we have got the one we crave for although it not very easy for anyone one to open their eyes to what they don’t like and accept it as what they like but somethings are not just meant to be ours whether we like it or not, I believe fate will decide what we get out of life, we shouldn’t force any situation, by doing that, I believe we can get to a level of satisfaction, love ourselves so that we are able to love another.

  2. Yes I can see that. But I also believe happiness is a choice. And if happiness is tied to material things we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. I agree that first we need to invest in ourselves by way of loving ourselves unconditionally. Then we can reflect the love back out. I have found some of the most unhappy people are most unhappy with themselves. So yes, the self is the place to begin. It is really the only thing we have control over.

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