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We wanted to write a bit about some of the myths that are out there about psychics and what they are all about. There are many conflicting battles out there some saying psychics are never right, some saying psychics are never wrong, they can read everyone, they can’t read everyone, etc., The Foretell staff is playing Psychic Myth Busters and busting some of the most commonly heard or read about misconceptions about psychic advisers. To hear some frequently asked questions you can check them out here.



Myth: Psychic readings are make believe and only tell clients what they want to hear. Psychics will put positive thoughts into customers’ heads and that person will then have it in their head that everything will turn out perfectly as planned.

Bust: Honestly, readings can go either way. It all depends on the energy that the psychic is picking up from who they are reading. A good psychic will express what they are picking up from who they are reading, whether it’s good news or bad news, and then they will offer their guidance or suggest ways that the person can take action in that particular situation.



Myth: Psychics don’t need to ask questions. They shouldn’t have to ask questions they should automatically know what you’re calling about.

Bust: This one is heard a lot. Getting a psychic reading really depends on the connection between the psychic and the reader. Generally, if there’s a good connection the psychic will not have to ask too many questions. When psychics connect with someone their minds are trying to process so much information that they may ask minor questions to make sure they are keeping on point with what you had asked them.



Myth: Results of psychic readings are bogus and made up. If what the psychic tells you didn’t come true it’s because you didn’t follow what they told you to do correctly and so on.

Bust: A good psychic offers suggestions on how to go about resolving or achieving a certain situation or goal, they can offer you their insight on what steps you might take on getting to where you want to be but when it comes down to it everyone is in control of his or her own destiny. No one else can control someone else’s life unless they let them.



Myth: Psychics can automatically read everyone around them. Psychics can read everyone they try to connect with.

Bust: The ability to read an individual requires deliberate focus that can, quite frankly, be exhausting. To avoid burnout most professional psychics ignore, shut down or tune out when they are not working. If they didn’t they would probably go crazy from the onslaught of information around them. If a person does not want to be read or does not want to know the truth, they can subconsciously throw up a negative energy field that blocks the universal vibrations the psychic needs to do an accurate reading. That is why it is very important for you to concentrate on “what you need to know” not “what you want to hear” if you want an accurate reading.



Myth: All psychics have the ability to read the future, the past and the present.

Bust: Every psychic has different areas of expertise. Not every psychic have the same abilities and you may find some that can do all three, you may find some that can only see the present and past, or some that can only see the future. There are many different psychics out there and their levels of abilities vary.



Myth: Psychics are like witches. They can put spells upon you and cause havoc and chaos in your life.

Bust: Psychics are not supernatural beings. They are people like you and me. They can in no way cause you any harm or put any spell or curse on you. They do have special gifts but in no way does that make them a witch. They are here to help you and guide you through any troubles you may be facing in the present or future.



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