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By: J Nighteagle



Rest the palms of your hands on your knees, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the globe of your own Medicine Wheel. Visualize the direct contact you have with the cosmic forces flowing along conduits to the center of your globe which is the center of your own being.


Now breath in by pushing out the abdomen to take air into the deeper recesses of the lungs and count four seconds. Hold the breath to a count of four, then expel the air by pulling in the abdomen, also to a count of four. Then pause to a count of four before inhaling and repeating the cycle. Do this four times. This is called the four-fold breath and helps to clear the mind as well as relax the body.


Consider the globe around you as the clear outer envelope of your aura. Now, imagine that membrane covering as a hard plastic shield through which no unwanted influences or harmful energies can penetrate. Concentrate on this for a few moments. Then take four more four-fold breaths to confirm your activity, Your aura is then sealed, for the power of your thought will have preformed the sealing. You will have built around you a shield that allows through only positive light energies but, which will screen out negative or destructive influences. Now open you eyes.


Although this may seem simplistic, it is a technique that is in accordance with a cosmic law that energy follows throughout . After you have practiced this exercise a few times you will be able to preform it with little conscious effort, so practice it before you proceed.


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