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By: Adam




Dearest Soccer Moms: start your engines. Summer is here and there are places to go, people to see. And if you are connected to anyone at all that was born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp, then you probably know that the jubilant wildness of a youth just released to summer vacation pales in comparison to the tireless, focused, buzz-saw manner of a Taurus-Gemini cusper. Yep. The cusp of the lumbering, sturdy/stubborn Taurus (earth) energy mixing with the do-it-all, crazy-endurance dust-devil energy of Gemini is here and so too are the birthdays of these octane beings. In fact, a dust-devil gyrating across a desert flat is an excellent metaphor for the Taurus-Gemini cusper (a dust-devil that won’t fade or tire). If I remember correctly, the Taurus-Gemini cusp was once called the “Cusp of Eternal Youth” and/or the “Cusp of Energy” (not as in needing energy, but as in having energy).


Additionally, this is not the tangential energy of mania. This is focused go-getter energy. Youthful, focused, can-do energy. These cuspers are physically strong, and mentally agile; this makes them stable and driven. These cuspers are also very, very communicative and clever, which means not only are they champs at adapting to a diverse array of people and situations, they get-off on complex goals and scenarios. And just between you and me, if you are looking for someone who enjoys fine food, alcohol, and can be rousing in any type of crowd this is the cusper to bring with you.


Date Range: May 17th to May 23rd, respectively.


What they need: Balance. Someone to both keep up with them and yet remind them about the dangers of burning candles at both ends, because these cuspers will want to do everything and want to do it a lot. I imagine 90% of the world’s population of do-it-yourself zealots are Taurus-Gemini cupsers.


Relationships: Resilient. Courageous. They need to go from zero to sixty rather quickly. This means dating for years on end won’t work. Being engaged for years on end won’t work either. For all you men out there who tend to pull back as soon as the pink cloud of the honeymoon phase is over, I would suggest dating a different astrological sign. 


Strengths: Fearlessness. Never a slow-mover. Prolific once they find their mission/s in life.


Weaknesses: Overindulgence. Trying to do too much. A tendency to end up in a burned out state.


What they love: They love pleasure; Taurus and Gemini are pleasure loving signs through and through. They love to do it all. Do not challenge one of these cuspers to an eating or drinking duel. They’ll whoop you, and they’ll whoop you bad.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Energy.


Cusp of Energy Famous Personalities: Patti Labelle, Bob Dylan, Malcolm X, Cher, and so on.




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