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By Adam





The still surface of a pond in the warm, orange glow of evening always looks so calm, so peaceful, so ideal for any Zen-like greeting card. But beneath the surface is chaos, a cacophony of fecundity. Growth. The excitement of a pond is internal, creative, unique excitement: the mitochondria of genius. Even the lilies know this; they drape and reach their roots far below surface, to the depths, to that unlimited dark mother below. The life of a pond is the allegory of a Capricorn/Aquarius cusper.


This is what you get when you mix our sturdy, capable Capricorn with that I-am-always-inventing-something-new energy of Aquarius. Capriquarius. Although the real show is happening internally, which gives us much mystery, they love to entertain and there is nothing shallow about what they come up with–and this makes Capricorn/Aquarius cuspers the real deal bullgoose loonies when it comes to imagination and intelligence. John Belushi showed us this.


Date Range: January 19th through January 24th, respectively.


What they need: They need depth and independence. They are unique and like to be unique. This is because they like to use their imagination and not because they have difficulty connecting (in fact, they connect well and make friends easily and quickly).


Relationships: Making relationships is great! Entertaining, connecting, loving–Capriquarius soar at this. All of it. Maintaining relationships is when things get rough. These cuspers can sometimes seem aloof because of their need for independence or critical because of the value they place on the imagination and using the imagination.


Strengths: They are not one-sided or a one-trick pony. They are reserved yet social, security-craving but independent, and traditional yet offbeat. They crave intellectually rich and offbeat topics, and they are humorists through and through when they want to be. Inexhaustible ambition.


Weaknesses: At times they struggle with balancing the opposing features of their personalities–i.e., loving security but wanting to be independent; they respect and purvey tradition yet they give birth to the offbeat. They are certainly not hermits, but the bulk of their excitement is experienced privately.


What they love: What they love most is expressing the richness and virisimilitude of their dreams and fantasies creatively. And they love it when others do the same.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Mystery and Imagination.


Cusp of Mystery and Imagination Famous Personalities: Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, John Belushi, Wolfman Jack, and so forth.







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