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By: Adam




Date Range: July 19th through July 25th, respectively.


If we were to anthropomorphize a rollercoaster, the rollercoaster would really have no problem going from high to low, shy to stealing the show, dry to juicy, and so forth. To the rollercoaster stasis of any kind is obtuse, and movement (the bigger the better, the more frequent the better) is rockin’ right on. Cancer-Leo cuspers are volatile. They are rollercoasters. Pendulums allergic to stillness. Physical movement, emotional movement: it is all the same to them. It is the steam of water hitting fire that feeds them. The fastest way to success for one of these cuspers is to do one of the following: encourage self-reliance and focus upon that “happy medium”; the middle ground, the peace in the center. Robin Williams often joked about adjusting to himself first and foremost, and then the world adjusted itself to him. This, he believed, brought a sense of grace found no where else. And this is true, and this is one of astrology’s biggest ironies. A Cancer-Leo cusper focused on the happy-middle is the epitome of grace, creativity and spontaneity. The second fastest way to success for a Cancer-Leo cusper is to focus upon something bigger than one’s self (a cause), and this leads to not taking yourself too seriously yet channeling the great steam of contrast into something big and beautiful.


What they need: These cuspers need a cause, a project, a mission, a legacy that needs them, something that is and will be bigger than what they are by themselves.


Relationships: In relationships these cuspers are exactly as you would guess when you mix fire and water: steamy. And as I mentioned above, give them something big to empower, bigger than themselves, and you will have a steam-engine on your hands; a real “Engine That Could.”


Strengths: The perfect shotgun rider. Loving. They believe in love at first sight. They want everyone to be in love. They are very creative and expressive.


Weaknesses: Volatile (pendulum-like, especially after a big push). Melodramatic. Self-absorbed. Dependent. Narcissistic.


What they love: They love to be in love. They love the process of being in love, the emotional ride from zero to sixty. Some people want the end and are anxious until they get it. Not these cuspers; they want the ride, the oscillation and momentum, the dark versus light angst of the journey. Ask Hemingway and old Santiago who catches the BIGGEST fish ever yet all the glory gets eaten by an unforgiving sea–such melodrama, such contrast.




Cusp of Magic Famous Personalities: Willem Dafoe, David Spade, Rufus Wainwright, Woody Harrelson, Amelia Earhart, Jennifer Lopez, Barry Bonds, Zelda Fitzgerald, Matt LeBlanc, Edgar Degas, Campbell Scott, Elizabeth McGovern, Carlos Santana, Natalie Wood, Kim Carnes, Ernest Hemingway, Robin Williams, Jon Lovitz, Josh Hartnett, Cat Stevens, and so forth.






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