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By: Adam






Date Range: April 19th through April 25th, respectively.


The cusp of power. The Aries-Taurus cusp is a mixture of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus. Imagine two powerful rivers coming together into one river, big and deep and not exactly fast but never slowing and sparse of eddies. Aries-Taurus not only display fiery forwardness and yes-machine mannerisms expected of an Aries, they also display the practical, lumbering, endurance of a Taurus. Aries-Taurus-cuspers strive for power in their daily lives. Absolutely. Their personalities, however, temper and ground the fiery dynamism of Aries through the distinct earthy majesty of Taurus, much the way steep and hardened canyons direct their torrents toward the sea. Whether it takes a long or a short time to achieve their ends matters little to Aries-Taurus-cuspers. They only care about getting to the finish line and the journey that “getting there” brings. They view chaos as clay to be molded and they view obstacles as exercises in releasing resistance.


What they need: They need a horizon with nothing on it or they need a horizon that is a total mess (chaos, un-molded clay). They need a mate that can teach by showing as opposed to telling all the nuances of acceptance and cooperation. Aries-Taurus-cuspers need to periodically empty themselves out (through sleep, treadmills and punching bags, meditation or vacations), allowing themselves to recharge.


Relationships: These cuspers make very nurturing lovers as long as their mates are void of self-pity. The Aries-Taurus-cuspers are never chosen as lovers, they are the choosers, they are the pursuers. And once they pick out their love, the matter is settled. These cuspers live and breathe self-confidence and are therefore rookies at understanding any sort of lack of esteem for one’s self. Another interesting thing is these cuspers don’t know the difference between “giving up” and “knowing when to stop.” This can lead to problems because the Aries-Taurus-cusper will never give up; the problems arise when two partners have outgrown each other and one of them is hard-wired for “never give up”; it can sometimes lead to hanging in there way too long.


Strengths: Fearless. Inventive. They won’t spend much time dwelling on the past or crying over spilled milk. Similarly, the Aries-Taurus-cuspers have a superb sense of timing. They are natural experts at knowing the right time to act and not to act. In first meetings Aries-Taurus-cuspers will appear quiet and self-assured; they are the epitome of people who know how to watch and wait. Aries-Taurus-cuspers do not waste their time proving anything to anyone, preferring to hang back confidently and save their energy for when it counts.


Weaknesses: The unspoken secret of Aries-Taurus is that what they secretly long for most is to give up the daily battles of the world and simply submit to fantasy, pleasure, perhaps to another individual or to sheer luxury. What makes this a weakness is these cuspers are natural vortexes of creative force–they need to spend this forward moving energy. The other weakness is reluctance to admit when they are wrong or off-course. It is very difficult to convince these cuspers to change lanes unless changing lanes is their idea. Their generosity is huge, but they only give when it suits them, and they are equally capable of taking back not only their gifts but their affection–not out of meanness or spite but because they feel that their gifts have gone unappreciated or were undeserved.


What they love: wealth, luxury, things that can be held with the five senses. They will thrive just fine on a steady stream of lovers, picking and choosing as they go, but they take on a celestial shine when they have a steady diet of love from one special person.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Power


Cusp of Prophecy Famous Personalities: Adolph Hitler, Jack Nicholson, Bettie Page, Catherine the Great, William Shakespeare, Queen Isabella of Spain, Shirley Temple, Jessica Lange, Michael Moore, Lenin, Barbara Streisand, etc.


Next month: THE CUSP OF ENERGY (soccer moms beware)!




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  1. Feel free to publish this if you wish, as I am not worried about rebuttals. I was born April 24, 1986 just before 8 AM Central standard time and have done a bit of research in regards to why I am who I unequivocally and punctually am. Though I feel morally sound in all I do, I must admit to the insatiable desire and thirst for being at the forefront of any and all I do, and have been that competitive since I my childhood. Through my years of bouts of fighting internally with myself and unjustly so with others, I have finally recognized that my energies are much better served in the form of teaching, sharing logical reasoning via personal experience, patiently listening thoroughly before responding and being a humanitarian as opposed to a competitor. Admittedly, I also realize my competitive nature was never intended to be a means of shoving defeat down the throats of others, but rather an incorrect showcase of proof it (whatever it may be) could be done better via tenacity, training and hard work. Communication through patient listening and thorough evaluation of any and all situations to those like myself is the moral of my response. Thank you and have an excellent day all of whom may read this.

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