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By: Adam




Several years ago I woke early while staying at a village along the Mekong Delta. I watched a short, lovely woman usher two children into a long canoe carved out of a log. She wore a bonnet, a toothless smile, and her hands looked big and strong yet soft and gentle; a Mama’s hands. It was fall and thus the first day of school. I watched Mama push away from the stilt building and canoe the youngsters away. I later learned that school was two miles away, and that Mama had done this with other children who came along before the two I just witnessed. She believed in them, believed in fairness and wanted her children to have a fair chance. She had a clear idea of a bigger picture for them, yet she was practical, sturdy and earthy enough to make that bigger picture happen even if it meant rowing a log up a river every morning–getting those kids to school, getting them moving, arming them with intelligence.


Mama and the canoe was such a humble and beautiful scene it is to me the epitome of a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusper. What you get is a mix of fiery, visionary focus and action aimed at making the world a better place, adjusting the odds for someone who might not otherwise have a fair chance. Remember, if you will, Artemis or Diana or Robin of Locksley (Katniss Everdeen if you are shy with mythology). Then you mix this fireball of fairness and vision with the lumbering, granite-sturdy practicality of Capricorn’s earthen resolve. I know, I sound like I am promoting a boxing match between Saturn (Lord of Restriction, Cardinal Earth) and Jupiter (Lord of Fortune, Mutable Fire). But I am not promoting a duel of any sort because Sagittarius and Capricorn meet in the cusp almost perfectly. The only real problem area is when intensities are not managed or tempered there is a tendency to feel at the mercy of one’s moods and get a bit dark and moody.


Date Range: December 19th through December 25th, respectively.


What they need: These cuspers need to see others doing their best. Why? Because when Sagittarius-Capricorn cuspers commit to something, they put it all in and will expect others to do the same.


Relationships: In relationships the Sagittarius-Capricorn will often be the epitome of the speed-up-slow-down, hurry-up-and-wait relationship partner. Why? The biggest challenge here is balancing Sagittarius’ desire to go fast with Capricorn’s slow and steady pace. This can sometimes lead to some dark and quiet slow periods–i.e., “Where did they go? And why aren’t they communicating?” These cuspers are, however, innately loving and hardworking. So when their relationship switch is in the “On” position, they are the perfect partner.


Strengths: Successful and they don’t quit. Loyal. They have zero propensity for deceit. When involved with something cutting-edge that will most likely benefit others, this cusper is outgoing, funny, resilient, and ever the uplifter. These cuspers are devoutly fair, and they are naturally good with children.


Weaknesses: The only real rough spot these cuspers have is the effort factor. When they dive into something, they will give their all and stay to the very end–that is, they will make it work, make it happen, whatever it is. This means if you are involved or working with a Cusp of Prophecy cusper and you do not give your all or need to back-out of said project before it reaches fruition, you’re gonna get heat.


What they love: They love ambition, and Big Dreams: dreams that change the world; and it doesn’t if it is their dream or someone else’s, if they jump in, they will stay to the end.



Name of Cusp: Cusp of Prophecy. I have, however, heard these delightful beings being referred to as Sagicorns.


Cusp of Prophecy Famous Personalities: Ralph Fiennes, Humphrey Bogart, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kiefer Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Buffet, two of the BeeGees (Robin and Maurice Gibb), Phil Donahue, Ricky Martin, and Mary Higgins Clark.





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  1. i’v been reading alot on the cusp of prophecy and find myself very surprised on seeing the traits and battles between the two zodiacs signs. i was born on the 22nd of december and i was always wondering why sagittarius and the capricorn zodiacs always hit home, not at the same time admittedly then i found out about the cusp of prophecy and see all the conflicts in myself clearly and i’m wondering if i could control these two planets and if so how?

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