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By: Adam




Date Range: March 18th through March 22nd, respectively.



The water that seeps to the core and the fire that can do anything: the connected to everything side of Pisces, especially the collective unconscious, the compassionate Pisces who wants you to win and sees the winner in you. Now mix this with the competitive, fiery “I believe in myself and I want it now” aspects of Aries. What do you get? You get a dreamer, keenly connected to everything, who is an even stronger doer. Yep. A great leader, absolutely. But these Pisces-Aries cuspers lead for almost selfless reasons. That’s right…almost. The reasons may look selfless, but they’re not. Pisces-Aries cuspers get their kicks by helping and uplifting those within reach, individually and en masse. They really get-off on uplifting (ask Edgar Cayce); they are not helping to be kind, although they have great capacity for kindness, they are helping because they like it. They are usually the first ones to reach out and help. They have no interest in waiting, they like to jump in and do, and this rubs a lot of people the wrong way. The Pisces-Aries cusper impatience doesn’t stem from ego or lofty goals of ascendance. These amazing beings have a capacity for compassion that most people miss or have to really dig deep to feel, which at times can make them appear quirky or hard to read. Pisces-Aries feel it when animal, woman or man suffers: they know when each sparrow falls because they are that sparrow.


What they need: Balance and cooperation and the room to do so. When they can balance the two sides of their personalities, they operate at an optimum. The Piscean profluences temper the Aries tendencies towards hastiness, while the Aries profluences make Pisces’ dreams a reality.


Relationships: They are kind and enthusiastic. They make fascinating friends that will always be there to help you move forward. They are loyal to the end. As companions they are warm and loyal and they will read your mind. They are not overly passionate romantic lovers, but they learn well from others and use creativity and loyalty to keep things fiery.


Strengths: practical, sensual, traditional, nurturing, dependent, talented, artistic, shy, assertive, unique, helpful, idealistic, brave, thoughtful, proud, romantic, compassionate, flamboyant, imaginative and caring. They make great writers and will actually finish the novel and get it published–rejection slips will only motivate them.


Weaknesses: Demanding, pessimistic, touchy, moody, secretive, impatient, stubborn and mean.


What they love: Anything that moves forward and is emotionally responsible.


Name of Cusp: Cusp of Rebirth


Cusp of Sensitivity Famous Personalities: Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, Philip Roth, Edgar Cayce, John Updike, Jean Paul Sarte, Pat Robertson, Chico Marx, Nat King Cole, Kurt Russel, etc.


Next month: The Cusp of Power.





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  1. Adam nailed me to the T!! My birthday is this Friday March 20th and this article was a really good one! Thank you Adam! I love my readings with you!

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