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By: J Nighteagle




Does the brighter light provide more energy to our intentions and desires? Does illumination equal energy? Perhaps not. Illumination allows for clarity of our desires, but the energy to make desires reality is the energy of the dark moon. Darkness conjures up childhood fears. It is someone hiding in the bed room closet. Things that are hidden or invisible feel scary. The people of the past did not fear the dark. They understood the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. They knew the secrets of the dark moons power.


By choosing to work with the Moon just past the nadir of its dark phase, workers of intentions and all sorts of prayers can use the growing energy to assist themselves. Like a musical crescendo, as the light builds desires will be thrust into the universe for all the gods to hear. Dark is a perfect beginning. It is empty and full of potential. In life if something is to be created, a space must first exist for desires to enter. When there is no light, a tremendous amount of space remains that can be filled with desire and love. Light is seen more clearly in the darkness.


The light of the stars is brightest during the dark moon. With a light sky the stars are hardly visible. Aided by the energy of the dark moon and the power of all the stars intentions can be extremely successful. Beginning a new project or coming up with a way to solve a problem required motivation and energy from with in that can not be seen. In the same way when the moon is dark internal energy starts to build before the first silver of light can be seen. By tapping into the energies of the dark moon and see how its power can nourish your personal work and intentions.




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