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With Valentines Day coming up on Friday we wanted to feature some special blogs for you all this week with some ideas on how to surprise your mate or love interest. Today we are going to give you some cute ideas for fun date night activities. The best part about most of these ideas is that they wont leave you in debt but they will leave a lasting impression on your loved one.


People put a lot of pressure on themselves to make Valentines Day “perfect” but honestly, in today’s world people are so busy and the economy is so terrible that it’s SO NOT NECESSARY! It’s not about spending a lot of money on gifts or making reservations at the fanciest restaurant in town… What it should be about is you and that person.


If you’re married and planning a date night with your husband/wife, you should focus on catching up with each other and enjoy some quality time catching up on each others lives- talk about anything but the business of your regular lives, enjoy the time together. If you’re an unmarried couple that has been together for a while, do something new or talk about the future and your hopes and dreams of where you want to go together and things you want to experience together. If it’s a first date- there may feel like there’s pressure but it’s not, you’re confusing it with EXCITEMENT. The possibilities are endless…


Let’s dive in!


1. Dinner & Movie Night In.
This is pretty self explanatory. Yes, you might want to go out and that’s totally understandable but you can make a night in equally romantic as a night out on the town. You and your partner can start the day by going to the local market and picking out the nights dinner menu essentials together. Later, you both can get flirty in the kitchen while making a delicious dinner together. Many grocery stores have a precooked section if you feel like going that route too. Then, you can hit your local state store and choose a bottle of wine to bring home for the evening – you can find great wine for under $8 (believe me). And you and your love can head home and get to cooking and snuggle up in front of the TV and rent a Romantic movie right to your TV (or grab one at Redbox while you’re out.) With life’s daily hustle and bustle a night like this might be just the ticket.


2. My Funny Valentine.
This one is a play on something me and my friends did a while back at a party. We called it “Let’s be ‘That Guy’.” This is really fun for twenty-somethings or just silly people really. It’s played off of the art of photo-bombing, which by now I’m sure everyone has heard of because even celebrities are doing it at award shows like the Oscars and the Golden Globes. Anyways, what you do is you and your date add a bit of fun to whatever you have planned and if you see something “photo-bomb” worthy you jump behind it, kiss and snap a photo. If you see a funny sign or statue you can jump in front. Do this all day and night to document your Valentines Day together then if you wish you can print them out and either put them in a photo album, frame, etc.


3. Get Crafty.
Head to the closest arts and crafts store, Target, WalMart, wherever sells scrap-booking materials and just pick up some basics. No need to shell out tons of money. A basic scrap book (even a regular notebook with plain white pages will do), glue stick, colorful pens/markers, and that’s pretty much it. You can get fancy with it if you want and get some stickers or cool scrap-booking paper or embellishments but you can do whatever you want to it- it’s your creation! Spend the evening together looking through photos of your relationship that you want to put in the book and write your favorite memories of that moment or time. Make a page of inside jokes you might have, funny stories, movie ticket/concert tickets you went to together… This is a great thing to do together on such a romantic day because you’re reflecting on your entire relationship and laughing and creating even more memories together.


4. Go Exploring.
Wake up early, pack up some food and drinks maybe a blanket, hop in the car, fill up the tank and go. Maybe make each of you can make a playlist of songs for the road of songs that make you think of the other or just think would be fun to dance to in the car and laugh together to. Road trips with someone you love are the best and are therapeutic. If you see a cool place you’ve never been to before and want to explore together pull over and make some new memories. This one also applies if you live in a big city and have never explored some of it’s history or if you are in a long distance relationship and your partner is visiting – explore together.


5. Play House.
If you and your partner have been making plans for your future together for a while as in “where do you see us living?” or “what kind of car would we have” and such why not spend the day actually living out those fantasies? When me and my boyfriend didn’t have a penny to our name we still would dream of our future house and car and all of the above so one Saturday we did some research on local open houses and we went and toured some homes that were on the market and pictured ourselves starting a family together in some of the homes and it really made us feel so positive about our future and what we wanted because it reassured us that we were on the same page and that we wanted the same things. You can also go to test drive vehicles at car dealerships and used car lots to get the same feel and it’s a fun way to spend the day together and “play house”. This is especially great for engaged couples who are overwhelmed with wedding planning and need a break for a bit from all the details of wedding planning.



There’s so many ways to come up with cute, inexpensive and truly meaningful date night/day ideas for all year round. Make sure to bookmark our page if you haven’t already because in honor of Valentines Day our staff will be featuring blogs all throughout the week with great ideas for special things you can do for your sweetheart, friends, kids, and family for Valentines Day.

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