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By: Erin




It’s that time of year when we start Spring cleaning and decide what goes and what stays. It’s often a battle deciding this and this leads to too much clutter because we don’t end up getting rid of nearly as much as we could or should.


I just moved back home so I’ve been downsizing for the past 6 months. Donating items and selling whatever I can here and there so my tiny little space isn’t too bad but it still needs improvement. The rest of the house however, that’s a whole other story. I’m trying to help my mom this spring do this 5 day kick clutter task so we can live stress free and feel good in the space we live.


It’s simple anyone can do it. I’ll break it down for you by room. Start off easy.


DAY 1- Hallway:


Entryway or Mudroom- One of my pet peeves is junk mail EVERYWHERE! We tend to get the mail and toss it down as soon as we walk in the door, right? Install those file holders to your wall and make that where you put your mail everyday when you come in. It will get you into the habit of going through it when it gets full.


Are there shoes randomly strewn about? Go to Walmart and spend $10 and get a shoe rack so the shoes can be kept in there orderly. If you don’t have a garage or a closet for any outdoor items (sporting goods, exercise equipment like yoga mats or jump ropes etc.) look for an entryway bench with storage at your local thrift shop.


Closets- Often hallway closets become more than just a place to hang our jackets or linen closets. Go through them and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year. Donate what you can. Toss the rest. Simple. You will Marvel at how much space you just saved.


DAY 2- Bathroom:


Medicine Cabinet- First and foremost check the expiration dates on medications, if they’re expired toss them immediately. If you have any space wasters like lotions that you tried once but didn’t like but kept anyways toss them. Don’t keep saying “I’m holding onto this for so-and-so.” It’s been in there for 6 months and you’ve seen them at least a dozen times. Toss it already. Worn down Razors, toss. You get the picture. When you’re done wipe down the mirror. Boom, Medicine cabinet done!


Shower- I’ll admit, I’m pretty bad at forgetting to bring out the empty shampoo and conditioner bottles when I should so they get left in the tiny shower and take up space that can be used for new bottles. Instead they get knocked over. So, don’t be like me. Clean out any empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body washes, shaving creams, etc. if you don’t have a shower caddy I suggest in investing in one they are a life saver as well as an obvious space saver.


Under the Sink/Bathroom Storage Area- Organize it. Whatever you have in there make sure your extra toilet paper is in one spot. Any bathroom cleaning supplies are not leaking everywhere. Brushes, hair ties, makeup, etc. make sure you have a designated space for everything and that it is organized and easy to access.


Day 3- Kitchen:


Drawers- Clean them out. While you have everything out go through and toss out anything that might not be of use anymore like a burnt up spatula or a broken serving spoon.


Cabinets- Straighten up pots and pans, throw away old, burnt up ones. Organize storage containers thin like that.


Fridge and Freezer- Check expiration dates on everything especially condiments. Toss anything you can. Wipe down shelves, drawers and doors.


Day 4- Living Room:


Shelves- Make sure they are doing their job of just being used to display books, pictures, the things you want on there and not a place for random things to find a new home. Wipe them down and make sure things are arranged neatly.


Storage Furniture- Give it a quick scan see if you really need everything thats in there. If you don’t, donate or toss it.


Final day, Day 5- Bedrooms:


Closets- Anything you haven’t worn in the last year, donate it. Make sure your clothes all have a place on a hanger or in a drawer and shoes as well. get storage boxes if you have a lot of odds and ends and need a place to put extra stuff without it looking messy.


Dressers/night stands- Make sure there aren’t random things strewn on top of them. make sure they are wiped down and only have the basics on them. Extra clutter when first waking up sets the mood for the whole day. seeing clutter stresses you out and its not a fun way to start everyday.



There you go. The 5 major areas of a typical house or apartment. If you have more areas in your living space you pretty much get the gist I hope. It’s simple. Happy spring cleaning.


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