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By:J Nighteagle



Air is similar in nature to mental energy  – ideas and things of the mind that come quickly and suddenly and then vanish with out being seen. Indeed, we talk of ideas coming into our minds “out of thin air “. Thought like air is elusive. So Air in the North can be linked to the mind, to the intellect , to logic, to thinking, and everything concerned with mental effort.


Fire – light energy that comes from the Sun – can be linked to the Spirit because elemental Fire has qualities which are similar to the light of the Spirit. Fire in the East can be linked to spiritual illumination and enlightenment, to principals and spiritual things.


Water in the South has the characteristics of fluidity and motion. Elemental Water can be likened to the emotions which are our energies in a fluid state. So emotions and feelings and intuitive senses can be related to the South direction.


Earth is inertia, stability and solidarity. So elemental Earth in the West has qualities similar to material, physical objects and the physical body.


Our energy system was designed to be expressed . This composite arrangement might be called the Wheel of Life Energies: So the most balanced way to use our energies is to:


Determine with the Spirit. Receive with the Mind. Give with the Emotions. Hold with the Body.


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