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By: Erin




1. Letter Planters- These are especially fun for kids or if you’re having a party this spring and want to jazz up your yard. They sell cardboard letters at any craft store. First you will need to cut the top off with a serrated knife then poke some holes in the bottom of the letter(s) for draining water.


Fill the letter(s) up about halfway with your dirt. Now you can arrange your flowers however you want around the letters and then top off the rest of the way with more dirt and you’re done!



2. Suncatcher Wind Chimes- This is fun because you get to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt for some of the items you will be needing. You’re going to need to find a sturdy stick that’s about 6-8 inches long, some colorful flowers, leaves, stones and rocks, look for things that are relatively small in size aside from the stick but look for things with different colors, shapes, and textures. You will also need some things from your house like scissors, contact paper, string or any type of cord, rings from mason jars, and a pen. On the paper side, take your mason car rings and contact paper and trace rings for as many rings as you have. Peel off the sticky side of the contact paper and stick onto a surface. Take the stuff you found on your hunt and stuck it to the contact paper then once you’re finished place another piece of contact paper on top. Press down firmly so that it sticks wherever it can. Cut along the circles you traced then stick it in the mason lid ring. Tie your cord around the rings and then fasten the other end of the cord to the stick and hang it up on your porch.



3. Simple Flower Pot- This project is fast and simple and costs about $2-$3. You just need an empty can of tunafish or something about that size and some clothes pins. If you want to get really fancy you can get some paint and paint the clothes pins but its not necessary.


So, SUPER SIMPLE, take your clothes pins and stick them around the can then dump in a bit of dirt and either some seeds or flowers and there you go…you’re done. You have a cute little flower pot.





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