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By: Kingston da Bulldog, AKA: Foretel’s Mascot

Da other day, as I was enjoyin some sun on my beautifully built body, I heare a meeting happening between my Mommy and da girls from da office of Foretell. Usually I sleep right thru it but this time I needed to set these girlz straight! One of da girls said something about her puppy and how he wiggles a lot and asked if dogs dream. ‘YES! We do!’ I wanted to yell, I walked on over to my Mommy and tried to tell her my answer. But she can’t speak dog, so here I am.

Anyway, to sets da record straight when we twitch, quiver, or growl at phantom enemies it’s because we are dreamin. Believe it or not most of da time we just dream about dog stuff. For example, last night I had a dream about my Lulu (my absolute favorite stuffed-ted-ed animal toy) and we played some of my favorite games had a good time. Even after Lulu turned into my Kitty girlfriend (yeah she’s a real cat and you know what I love her even if that sounds taboo). Since I could still remember da meeting before Mommy taked me to da park, I decided to talk to some of da other guy from da park.

As soon as we get into da park I see Fluffy (da Doberman, yeah I can’t explain that one Maybe he’s parents is just stoopid?). He and I sniffed-ted-ed up a conversation while our parents talked-ted-ed. Fluffy says that he keeps having a re-occurrin dream where he gets to attack this strange man that tried to hurt his friends and ends up being a hero. He said he woke-ted-ed up in da middle of da dream only to realize that dare was nothing dare (See? Stoopid.)

Fluffy had to leave a little bit after we had started our conversation. His parents had gotten dare a lot earlier than Mommy and I. So we said our goodbyes and I walked-ted-ed further into da park. Dare weren’t very many people here today but at least I was able to talk to a few more friends.

After Fluffy left, I picked up the sent of Monte (He’s a Sootish Teror? He’s got a stoopid accent, nice guy but really to into da whole Kennel club breeding thing for me.) He tolded me about his dream where he keeps diggin wholes in da ground. Once, in a dream, every time he would go and dig a whole it was magically covered over before he would start da next one.

‘At first, fur some reason Ah was tryin’ to blame ‘at moggie mommy keeps aroond th’ hoose. It was’na stalkin’ me in mah dream. Then it suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Ah just dug an’ dug an’ kept goin until ah thought ah had dug big enough hole, only to want to dig some more’. (yeah, see stoopid accent, maybe you can translate it? At some point Monte got all twitchy and started diggin a hole. I guess talking about it made him feel da need? I didn’t want to be apart of da diggin party since dare was only room for one and went to find some of my other friends.

I wuz walkin up to da dog run and I sniffed into Terry (he’s a mix of a couple breeds, cool guy we’ve played a few times before. He’s kind of stoopid, he neva sits still.) He says he dreams about chasing things that is, until his parents threw a ball. He left me sitting dare mid sentence, which makes him double stoopid. After that point I decided to sort of walk around sniffin things maybe get into a friendly wrestlin game with some of my friends. This dream thing can wait while I play!

As da day went on, I noticed that one of da girls from da Foretell office was at da park with her puppy friend Ollie. After I got her to calm down about seeing me again (she’s stoopid too, but friendly and talks with a girly blondy voice), we started to talk about dreams. ‘Sometimes I’ll have dreams where like I’m singin songs or talkin with like Mommy and Daddy… Shinny objects / lights always like haunt my dreams. Just something so exciting about like… OMG cardboard!’ yeah told u she waz stoopid, Dat’s a direct quote from her. She took one look at da trash can, seen da empty cardboard box and off she went with her mommy running after her. I think she ate it.

It was time to leave and go over to my Cousin Notchee’s house. After getting out of da vehicle I had to wait for her to calm down and stop playing with me to ask her a few questions about her dreams. My cousin says she dreams about all kinds of things like ‘diggin wholes in the ground, playing with my favorite cong toy or Frisbee, sometimes I’ve had nightmares.

Like once I had a dream I was human!’ She started going a mile a minute going on about having to pay taxes (whatever that is) and somethin about paying bills (I’m not even sure SHE knows what that is). She stopped talking at that point and tried to wrestle me to da ground. I guess she figured out I wasn’t listening.

So folks see we do dream and it’s different for every dog I guess based off of things your best friend likes to do with you or da family. So da next time someone says day aren’t sure if dogs dream you can confidently say ‘YES day do! Because Kingston told me so.’

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  1. This might be my favorite blog so far! I love our pups and Kingston, you did a great job and you’re the best mascot ever!!

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