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By : Nancy


My readings explain how to bring the man you love into your life, to reunite and be together in a relationship and say not to ruin the threshold that it is for thou to step over, into your front door. That many men who have been involved with a woman or who are dating them and do not like the feeling of another man around them. They often stay away if they sense a male has been in their property, car or even in their phone, as in calling or messaging the woman as they can feel their energy if they have been in their car or home and smell it practically such as a women’s intuition often can sense if a woman has been around the man they love or calling them. The men stay away often until this wears off as they may feel sick from it and mad and it can be a block wall they cannot step through and a doorway they can not step over if they sense the sent of a male has been near the lady they love. Often it is those who have broken up for awhile and dated others in between this occurs with and a woman wanting to reunite with the past relationship may keep him away if she is seeing others. In some cases it may even be best to move to a new residence if possible to start anew, also to clear out the energy of a male who been around by incense or spray, flowers, new decorative items, paint and even a male roommate may cause the man to stay away. It is usually best that they do not know the woman dated another in the interim of being parted, to not mention it is normally best and to not post photos to try to make them jealous as often the man wants to feel he is the only one they are interested in and if he feels the women is looking around ,speaking to others dating others or is uncertain he wont come forth as he wants to feel hes the only one she has eyes for on the face of the earth therefore it is often best not to date another or entertain the idea if the women is waiting for their beloved to return. Also, a woman whos mad at him for some reason can keep them from returning as they don’t like a lady whos mad at me, when she is sweet and nice to me then I am coming to see her and when they can step over the threshold of love with cleared energy they may reunite into a great relationship.


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