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By: Lulu Gleason

Double Dark Moons are pretty uncommon which happens when two New Moons are in one month. Like the month of July 2011 we will have a new moon on the first and then another on the 30th. The next double new moon phase will not happen until January 2014. New Moons signify a time of darkness that last roughly 1-3 days before the new crescent of the moon.

This should not be confused with a Blue Moon. The blue moon is when you have two full moons in one month. The Dark moon is just a new moon, according to scientists. It’s when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and seems to disappear. This phenomena lasts anywhere from 1-3 days depending and usually isn’t that significant.

From many psychic viewpoints, a dark moon is in many ways is the most powerful time psychically on a personal level. It’s a time when we as individuals can plunder our deepest self, feel the longing in our souls and it gives us the chance to hear what messages our psychic energy is telling us. A Dark Moon has been linked to the analogy of ‘a dormant seed under the winter snow’.

This moon phase makes us feel tired or in need of solitude which is great for making space within ourselves as well as exploring your spirit. With the Dark moon we should be preparing for a ‘new beginning’ with the start of the crescent. Many psychics, astrologers, and Neo-pagan practitioners say that dark Moons are the part of the cycle where nature reminds us that there is death and then a rebirth of new.

Some psychics say that during a dark Moon, we are able to open doors in to the past and we are more prepared to clean them up so that we can grow spiritually. The moon has been linked many times with emotions and with this Dark moon in July, the intuitive psychic self will get the chance to take over since emotions will be ‘covered’.

In many cultures the dark Moon was a time for women folk to gather and draw wisdom from there psychic energy. In one article, I came across there were women who would join for the dark moon. Through their monthly cycles, these women were able to connect on a psychic level so that energy could be obtained and maintained through rituals.

By synching their cycles (which has been noted when woman live in close quarters) they were able to share visions, receive divine messages, and open up their spirituality to a higher knowledge. Many goddesses were connected with dark Moons. The most famous one is Hecate and in some cases, Lilith and Kali as well.

Hecate is the goddess of dreams, night, cross roads, ghosts, magic and much more. She also protects the realm that is between the conscious self (the real world) and the world of spiritual realms. In many ways, Hecate is considered the Lady Pluto in some Wiccan or Neo-pagan societies.

An interesting fact: Scorpio is the ruler of death and rebirth and the ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto. Pluto is also associated with the underworld and the Greek God Hades. Lilith, also known as Adam’s first wife in Jewish Mythology was also celebrated during the dark moon. She has become a significant influence among wiccans and feminist along with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Although there are several sources stating the usage of Kali and Lilith is a ‘cultural appropriation’ of the actual goddesses. There are many different rituals for the dark Moon, some I found to be frightening, and then some I thought were very interesting ways to enlighten one’s spiritual side. Personally, you won’t see me practicing anything in the dark. I’ll leave that up the Neo-pagans.

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