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By: Alex




A few days ago I was listening to some music. It was a well known song, one I had heard many times before, but this time I noticed something unusual about the singer’s voice. It was really strange. I also got some impressions about the singer, so I decided to ask Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics about it.


The long and short of it was that my impressions were correct. This singer had been Dracula’s third wife. (Dracula meaning Vlad the Impaler.) Kat had told me before that Dracula’s family had worshipped a family of dragons. But it turns out that that only started after Dracula had taken this woman as his wife.


Apparently this woman had a secret connection with a group of dragons. They lived in a cave in the mountains, and she was sworn to protect them and their location. Nobody was to know. Also, she could connect with them psychically, and talk to them and actually get them to do things.


Eventually, Vlad Dracula found out about her connection with the dragons and managed to get the location of their cave out of her also. Vlad was quite psychic. He started talking to these dragons and eventually he managed to get control of them.


There is another story I had read about Vlad the Impaler. After he got out of prison he returned home only to find that the noblemen had taken over Wallachia, his country, and were quite corrupt. He despised them and he set out to clean things up, so to speak.


He rounded up a group of drunks and bums and told them he was having a feast in their honor. They were all happy about this and entered the building quite willingly, thinking they were going to be fed. Then Vlad had all the doors locked and set fire to the building where they all died a horrible death.


Why he would do this? In his mind he was purifying these people – although it’s a pretty twisted way of doing that. But it turns out there was another reason. He was having a feast, but the feast was actually for the dragons! He knew that dragons had a keen sense of smell, and would follow the smell to the building so they could eat these people. He also wanted to show the dragons he could get them food. He was training them to come when he called them and to follow his commands. In short he was establishing himself as the master of the dragons.


Vlad later used the dragons as a terrible weapon to drive the invading Ottoman Turks out of Wallachia. It was a small province in the country of Romania, and the Turks had a huge army. It was actually quite a brilliant idea, but it wasn’t enough. You’ve heard the saying – “Desperate times require desperate measures.” Well it was one of those.


The Turks were driven out, but they had learned from Vlad to become even more ruthless and cunning than before. They left spies all over the country – and left Vlad’s brother in charge. After that it was only a matter of time before Vlad was murdered and the dragons were destroyed. It was an unfortunate end to an incredible tale.


The stories about the dragons were never documented. Vlad probably figured nobody would believe them, and the Ottoman emperor was probably too embarrassed to allow anyone to ever mention that his entire army had been driven out of a small country by a lunatic in charge of a group of dragons.


And who would have known that this all began from a chance meeting between a prince and a beautiful girl?




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