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By : Nikki Savage


I’ve recently come back to a practice that I had stopped for the last few months.  It was one I had done daily as part of a morning meditation but just kind of stopped for a little while.  But I’m back to drawing a tarot card each day.   Both drawing from the deck and drawing that card in my planner.


I started it as a way to force myself to check in with my day.  It made my work scheduling a part of my spiritual practice. It was a great way to start the day, a meditation for focus. But then I had mornings that didn’t allow any sitting down before heading out for whatever reason – a missed school bus, an early appointment, a run away dog.  On those days I would draw at night and reflect on my day through the lens of the card.  The night time drawing would be a meditation for insight.


I’ve always used my tarot deck as a tool.  Usually I would draw a card when I was chewing on something and wanted to separate myself from it and look at the situation as an observer.  But really I am always chewing on ​something​.  So I began to use it to look at my day objectively, either as I planned it or however I lived it depending on the time of day.   I also got to mediate as I studied the lines of the card and tried to weave the meanings into the drawing.  Sometimes I would draw the whole card, sometimes the parts that stood out most prominently. But always I would sit with its message.


The message could be clear as day.  Like a huge affirmation of everything that I’ve been sensing.  Or it could be subtle.  I’ve had times where two cards are drawn, one falling out as I choose the other.  Universe had two things to share on those days.  Sometimes when the meaning didn’t resonate, I found my meaning in the numbers or just one certain symbol.  Other times I would not find a meaning initially but as my day played out, it would reveal itself.


I don’t generally feel that the cards tell the future but that they tell a story.  One I can weave into my world or avoid telling in my life.  I still have free will after all.  Whatever stories the cards pick up in the air and light of the day do not have to be the stories that make up my life.  My future is still mine to make and my life, a story that only I can tell.  I know that.  But I figure it never hurts to look at life from the outside and see how I feel about the view from there.


What is your experience with tarot?  If you have a deck, how do you use it?  Do you have a practice that includes some tool of divination?  Please feel free to share with the community in the comments.




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