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By: Lulu Gleason

As someone who is not new to the idea that dreams seem to be how the subconscious speaks with during REM sleep. I find that I’m fascinated with the many different ways your dreams can be interpreted.

Did you know if you do a search on the internet, you could find over a million different websites, that will either help you, or help you find someone who can? Personally, I like the added support in figuring out dreams, not because I’m not smart or capable enough to interpret them myself.

In fact, you can gain different perspectives from someone else that had simply never occurred to you before, maybe even remember things from your dream that otherwise would have been forgotten. I remember once last year I had given a dream interpretation for a close friend about an odd dream she’d been having.

Now I’m not really into giving or helping with the dream interpretations simply because I’m not overly knowledgeable in that field but I know enough to get by with helpful tips and being able to point out details. So I read up on every dream interpretation book/dictionary I could find, so that we could crack down on her dreams.

I remember she mentioned there were a lot of different colors in her dream that she could pin point and specify. Now like I had said before I do not use, do or provide dream interpretations but it got me curious about weather or not colors were specific indicators in dreams.

So hopping on to the net I found that colors really DO have meaning in dreams. There are all different types of color charts you can find on various websites. Sometimes they matched each other sometimes I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at! But there was something nagging me to start trying to dig further in this realm I seemed to have accidentally come across due to a good friend.

After she had a professional dream interpreter on analyze her dreams she found out that her dreams were letting her know that she had been stressing out about her husband leaving on a business trip. To her glee, she discovered everything will be fine and once he returned he would have something for her.

Her dreams were telling her when her husband left for his trip it had caused her to feel insecure and her dreams were telling her that she needed to relax. By the way, the gift she got turned out to be an anniversary ring her husband had purchased while on his trip as a surprise.

As I was saying I found many a different things on the net about dreams and the association to colors in them. I’m an avid dream journal writer simply because a lot of my dreams have always been rather vivid and haunting. It had always been advised that I write them down ASAP by psychics on

I found that once I’m awake and the dream is still fresh in my head writing it down is the best way to keep the dream alive so that later on I can then take a look at it and figure out what my mind is telling me. It never really ever occurred to me that colors in a dream can lead to a better interpretation.

So, going back through my dream journal I took a look at some of my more vivid dreams where I had mentioned a color and found something very interesting. I noticed a lot of times where I had mentioned colors they were in the red/blue/green/gray’s area. Now each of those colors represents different things and meanings.

It made a lot of sense to me that once I found out what the meaning of each color meant in my dreams in conjunction with the dream I was having. I could then gain a bit more insight to my surroundings on a subconscious level. To be honest once I had figured out what the colors meant for some reason I was having a hard time connecting it to my life on a conscious level.

So I decided to call to my dream advisor whom I’ve come to trust mainly because they’ve always been very supportive in my journey of spirituality. So to tell you a bit more about my dreams, I’ve included an excerpt from my dream journal that had taken place back in 2006:

“I was swimming in light bluish green water. The fascinating part was that I could breathe, and breath deeply I did. That weird Australian person from Crocodile Dundee was along side me showing me how to swim while breathing. My hand was in his and then suddenly he was GONE and I was all alone sitting at the bottom of the pool watching myself sitting at the bottom of the pool. Then I woke up.”

From the information that I had found, the light bluish green color is something I would have to sort out. So I looked up both green and blue colors in a dream and found that green can mean that I’m growing spiritually and may feel insecure within myself due to the changes I’m experiencing.

Blue can mean that I’m in a harmonious or in need of a harmonious position and my subconscious is trying to tell me that I need to pay more attention to it. So with the knowledge that I had seemed to gather up I made a call to one of my favorite psychics and found out something about myself.

According to the psychic, I’m in a state of spiritual insecurity because of a change that was happening within me. I desired harmony while in the process of this change and my dreams were telling to pay closer attention to the shift I was experiencing. Even though the dream was older, I mean seriously Crocodile Dundee was in it!

I can still remember just getting back into my spirituality and was so scattered apparently by the transformation that my mind was letting me know what was going on since I wasn’t paying much attention to the signs from an outside perspective.

The psychic was able to help me understand the situation I was in and how I had progressed. Then of course, we spoke about other dreams I had been having since 2006. Now, every time I have dreams, I always pay closer attention to my surroundings. Shapes, colors, even sounds are all important It also helps the professional dream interpreters give you a more in-depth dream interpretation.

I’ve come to see dreams as a window into my own spirituality and with help from some excellent dream interpreters; I’ve been at more peace in sleep.

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