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By Kal

For hundreds of years, people have struggled to find the meanings of the dreams we have at night. Scientists have tried to understand neural sleep processes and how they change within us.

Are dreams a part of our subconscious as it attempts to tell us what we need to know? Are they messages from God like in biblical contexts or in literature?

Many scientists believe that dreams are the recollection and reorganization of memories and thought processes throughout the day. During sleep, our mind has a chance to settle and process the information it gathered during the course of the day and night. Things begin to rearrange and align so that we can then go about our business the following day without any trouble.

Others believe that dreams are for removing “clutter” in our minds. Things we have learned and no longer have a need for are filtered out of our memories in a process called “reverse learning”. It coincides with the old saying of “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”; if there is a skill or a piece of knowledge that you learned but never used, it will sometimes just be forgotten.

Psychologists have long wondered about dream interpretations. If dreams are the key to our subconscious, maybe they reflect who we are. Freud suggested that dreams are repressions of the mind while other scientists believe that they regulate mood or function as an escape from reality for the people involved.

Many psychics often use dream interpretation as a medium to interpret the universal symbols, events, and images that occur in our dreams. Even if they are not repressions, they are still an expression of our thoughts, feelings, imaginations, and personalities. Dreams can be gateways to our fears and desires. Some even cite “déjà vu” occurring after they’ve dreamed of a specific event.

Through dream interpretation, we can seek guidance for the turbulence in our lives even if we aren’t actively aware that trouble exists. We can ask dream interpreters for their opinions on our dreams and on our situations and they can put us on the right track to understanding who we are and what we can do to help ourselves.
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