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By: Alex

I asked Kat if she could channel some information for us about the current economic crisis

here in the US.

Kat : The biggest thing that I get is that this is a cycle that we go through, and that we have gone

through it from the time of Atlantis to today. In Atlantis we would have a certain amount of workers for

a certain number of jobs.  While nobody got paid, everyone had food and shelter and what they needed.

But when there became too many entities and not enough jobs to keep them all busy, the aliens would

take the excess people plus a few, and go and start another outpost on another planet.

Even in this day and age, when we are going through this horrendous recession, it’s basically

the same thing. There are way too many people for not enough jobs.  Whether or not we get paid

enough to have clothes on our back and have a roof over our heads, its the same cycle. We have gone

through this every 200 or 300 years. You can go back and view it historically. At the time of the cave

men, when a clan became too big, they would split off part of the group and go somewhere else in

order to not deplete the local resources such as food, shelter and clothing.

Alex:  Is this just a cycle that we go through or is there something specific that we have done in

the United States to bring this about?

Kat : I think it’s more of a cycle and we don’t know how to counteract it. We don’t know how to

create jobs. We don’t know how to  lessen our debt. We don’t know so many things. We just keep

thinking we’ll keep making more money, print more money. That isn’t taking care of the problem. The

problem is that we need to branch off and get back into the natural thing which is to grow our own

vegetables and barter and trade, so we wouldn’t need all that money for the food and clothing, we

would only need money to pay for the house and car.

Alex: It sounds like we need to change our way of thinking – to not being so obsessed with


Kat : Yes. We need to become more flexible, find other ways of meeting our needs. Americans

are extraordinarily resourceful and have gone through tremendous changes. This is one of those times.

We can do it.

Alex: Would you say that we (as a country) grew “too big for our britches”?

Kat : Definitely. We don’t need to keep building – we don’t have enough room for the buildings

we have already. Businesses can’t pay the rent. Everything is so exorbitantly high. People get greedy.

They also realize some people aren’t going to be able to pay the rent, so they raise everyone else’s rent

to compensate.. For example if they rent out three properties, they figure two of the tenants will be able

to pay the rent and the other one won’t. Inflation is another factor that contributed to a cycle of higher

prices. While historically, inflation was not relatively high, over the years it added up. This cycle kept

going until housing prices started to collapse. This recession is the result.

Alex: Does one component (of the recession) have to do with interpersonal competition?

Kat : Yes. Japan goes through this all the time. They don’t have enough to go around but every

one has enough for food and clothing and a home. There is tremendous competition in Japan. Yet they

also have a larger focus on their society and making sure people get taken care of. So they also have a

counterbalancing spirit of cooperation and teamwork. They can do it and they’re this itty-bitty little

island. Why can’t we do it?

Alex: I think people will start to have to work together more in order to accomplish their goals

and make their situations work. Sometimes this involves working or living with other people that you

might not ordinarily associate with. It’s going to demand a lot of tolerance and flexibility. But it can be


Alex: Do you have any idea about the how long the economic downturn will last?

Kat :  It’s going to make a slow recovery. We are looking at 3-4 years before we feel like we

have recovered. The actual recovery will probably be more like 18 years more (to get back to where we

were at the peak, around 2007) or so. Of course in this time frame there will also be great planetary

shifts, things like earthquakes and climate changes, so when these come along, the economic situation

will probably take a back seat, so to speak, in people’s minds.

Alex: Is there anything else you can say to people as individuals in terms of how they can help

themselves financially in this economic crisis?

Kat : We need to learn to help each other out instead of take. We need to broaden our focus from

obsessing about money, to looking for other means to make our lives work. This will take perception

and creativity. For example, barter and trade. Grow your own veggies, be willing to trade – if you have

protein based foods like nuts and seeds, and you know you aren’t going to need it all, trade the rest for

fruit and vegetables.

Alex: Everyone has something to offer. Whatever that is, whatever skills or abilities, you may

have to learn to exchange it for things you do need. The exchange may not involve money, but in the

end you should be able to still get the things you need. Remember, there was a time before there was

money. Money just became a standard of value which was universally accepted.

Alex: What about people who are looking for a job and can’t make it. Would you say we need to

change our focus from money to a different kind of focus?

Kat : People need to change their thinking. Quit thinking “I can’t make it.” Change it to “I’ll

make it. I don’t know how but I’ll make it.” Use that positive link. People aren’t thinking how to get the

money they need, they just know they need it. And sometimes that feels like drowning.

Alex: I’ve had dreams of drowning, and I know from our previous conversations that this comes

from the sinking of Atlantis. Do you want to talk about the link between the current economic situation

and the sinking of Atlantis?

Kat : Atlantis was a floating island. It was never stable. It never had an anchor. It sank because

the weight of the city could not be supported by the land mass. Some of the energy crystals started to

explode because they were overburdened. The ET’s didn’t think far enough in advance to bring enough

crystals for all the people. This was a total experiment. They wanted to see how long they could do this

at this rate. They didn’t ever plan for it to be that big. They were doing experiments when they didn’t

even know the planet that well.

Alex: Is there any advice you can give people (spiritually) to help them go through this difficult

economic time?

Kat : Do all the prayers you can. Change your thinking. Be flexible, broaden your focus. Think

outside the box. You can still make your life work.

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