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By : Nikki Savage


The sun is waning.  We are entering the darkest part of the year, marked by Samhain (November 1st) as the Celts called it, or Halloween (October 31st) as we know it today.  Winter is coming.


The early Celts celebrated the cycles of the season and honored the energy each new cycle carried with it.  Winter brings the season of Death.  It is death to the outer, seen life, but gives rise to the deep, dark unseen life within.  In the ‘tween times, the veil between the seen and unseen on this plane thins.  Without the noise and bustle of life, the quiet stillness allows us to tune in more easily.  While superstition would have us donning masks and illuminating pumpkins to ward off evil spirits, it is really the time to honor our ancestors and tap into the exposed vein of our spiritual existence.


We know all is energy.  We know we are finite in our earthly bodies alone and that beyond our bodies we are all part of a divine oneness that moves through all life.  In the darkest part of the year, we can more readily access the mysteries.  They are always there for us but right now, the way is easier.


In the season of Death, we are compelled to draw inward.  We tend our inner fire and open ourselves to understanding our own dark places.  We connect with those who have left this dimension, honor them and nourish them and listen for their counsel.  This can be as simple as making a small altar with one of our dearly departed’s favorite treats and holding space and the intention to communicate.  Or it can be as complex as creating a sacred circle, calling the quarters and holding a more formal ritual.  Either way, it is best to fully ground, center and shield to be sure only the invited energy comes into the space.


Many also find this to be the best time for divination as the spiritual world awakens with the dying back of the physical world.   Tarot, crystal, water or fire gazing, pendulum work, tea leaves and all other forms of accessing our second sight are appropriate during this time.  This is the energy at play in the dark months and Halloween is marks the entrance.  The energy favors this kind of soul work during this time of year.


Some find it easier to access the spiritual through the use of these tools but none are necessary.  We belong to the spirit world as much as we do the physical.  Our connection is inward.  And the time is ripe.  Why not take advantage of the season and see what the unseen world holds for you.


If you have a personal way of celebrating the season, a favorite tradition or an entirely different take on what the darker half of the year offers, please feel free to share below.  Whatever way you do Halloween, may it be filled with treats that nourish and tricks that delight.  Brightest Blessings to you all this Samhain.




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