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By: J Nightwagle



Birds are often seen as omens, objects of worship, and even forecasters of the weather. They communicate with anyone who will learn to listen appropriately. Each person though, based upon solid knowledge, must learn to sense how the truth of the birds communication translates into his or her life.


Information comes to us through Nature and all of it’s creatures. The body and mind knows and senses that what we see is significant. The flight of the bird and it’s direction is not accidental or without meaning. The time of flight, the place that the bird appeared, and how other birds and animals responded are messages rich in meaning for us.


Nature reflects the Divine within the physical world. The animals in Nature are the shadows of those mirrored reflections.


Develop a mind set for how you want Nature to respond to you. Take the time in your meditation before going outdoors to out line how you want the message to come to you. If the bird appears on your right, what do you wish to indicate? On the left? The North? The South, the East? The West? Flying up? Flying down? Know ahead of time what you want these things to mean.


You don’t have to stay with them; as your relationship with the birds grows, so will the communication process.

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