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By: J Nighteagle



Continuing from last week. If you missed it click here to read part 1.


You step from the chamber onto the path of the tunnel and begin to follow it slowly. It is well lit, and you are not at all uncomfortable. You reach out and touch the walls with your hands, and you are surprised at there warmth. It is as if you feel the life blood of the earth it self flowing through its walls.

As you move further along, the tunnel widens and grows taller. The torches are fewer and distant, but you notice that it seems to be getting lighter still. Then you pass a couple of torches the are not even lit.. You stop and touch them just to confirm they have not recently gone out, and then when you look ahead, you see the reason that,.the tunnel has widened so greatly that the sun is almost able to penetrate almost fifty yards back.

You can see beyond the end of the tunnel. There is a distant river and lush green grass. The sunlight sparkles off of it as it would the morning dew on a summers day. Across the field is the edge of a rich, deep-green forest. You pause only a moment , and then you run at least fifty yards   and burst from the tunnel into the warm sun light of this beautiful meadow.


The sun is bright upon your face, and the grass is warm beneath your feet. Your nose is teased with the flagrance of honey and spring wild flowers. The air is sweet and, you tilt your head back and stretch your arms wide. You spin and swirl and laugh at the beauty and lightness of this meadow.

Next to the river is an ancient oak tree. Surrounding it is greenest and most lush grass you have ever seen. You run to it and sit down beneath it. You stretch out, and roll in its softness, and you inhale its sweetness. Then you sit up. Next to the tree is a stone, shaped as if carved into a chair.


You sit down upon it, and as you do, you find that it fits your form perfectly. It makes you giggle with wonder. You breath deeply, and from this chair you look about you. It is quiet and peaceful, and you know that this meadow is a place where wildlife must surely come, and for a moment you envy the animals and the birds for having such a place of beauty. You sit upon that stone chair and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is as if with each breath you become more and more a part of it, and it becomes more and more a part of you.

Then suddenly your breath catches. You see a movement out of the corner of your eye at the edge of the Forrest. You hold you breath. Maybe you will get to see some wild life, then from among the trees comes movement. It may sore above you or it may step out into the meadow. You sit still watching, as an animal appears in your vision. Don’t force it, allow it to show itself to you. And as it does, its eyes seek you out and hold your gaze.

Never have you seen anything so wonderful, so unique. Such animals have always seemed so wild and out of reach. There is no fear as it moves closer. Only recognition and wonder. Surly this must be a dream! Then, as if in response to your thoughts , it makes a sound, a movement, a gesture and fix your eyes upon it. In that moment you began to understand. You catch of memories of how it may have helped you in the past. You know now why you have always been fascinated with it. And then it begins to move toward that tunnel. It pauses and looks back at you, as if telling you it is time to go on. You stand and begin to follow it. As you approach the mouth of the tunnel, it waits. It is so close; with a few steps you could touch it.


Carefully , you extend your hand out to it, but before your hand gets close enough to actually touch it, it jumps and is heading back to the edge of the Forrest. It pauses , looking back at you once more and then diapers into the green.

You understand. It will take time to develop a relationship. There is much you have to learn from each other. Until then you must be patient. You smile a sweet sadness , and then move back into the tunnel following it back to the waterfall.

As you step from the cave and behind the waterfall, you look into the crystal pool. You see your reflection rippling , and then behind your reflection you see the form of your animal totem. You catch your breath and laugh, thanking it for opening to you. As you do, its image diapers, and the scenes around you seems to fade. You are again in the warm darkness of your own mind. The image of your totem is strong within you, as you breath deeply and allow yourself to come back to your surroundings.



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