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By Alex31190_power_of_the_forest

Football Reiki

Last Sunday I was watching a local football team get beaten by their arch enemies. I am not a huge football fan but I like this team. At one point early in the game the opposing team scored 2 touchdowns within 7 minutes, and nearly had a third. My team looked totally lost. Not a clue what to do. I knew something was up, not sure what. It was like they hadn’t even showed up for the game.
At some point I decided to send some Reiki to the quarterback and the head coach. I had never done that before. I didn’t want to see them get shut out, and while I didn’t expect them to win, I just wanted them to play as well as they could.

Not too long later I could just feel the energy going through to them – from watching them on TV. I know this sounds strange but it was like an instant feedback loop. During the 3rd quarter I pulled their team roster, printed it out and sent Reiki to all the players for a little while. I was getting tired at this point and figured there was not a whole lot more I could do. My team scored two touchdowns a little while later. They had perked up, gotten with it, at least for a little bit. I thought that was about all they were capable of, and sure enough the other team beat them by a wide margin.

After the game I talked to Kat about it. I asked if sending the Reiki had any effect and she said yes. I asked if I sent it before the game if that would help more. She said yes, send it the day before so they have 24 hours to put it to use, and then the morning before the game.

If there are any Reiki practitioners out there who are sports fans, you might want to experiment with this. I am not saying that you can “force” a team to win. But it does seem like it makes a difference. Now if a whole lot of Reiki practitioners got together and did something like this… well, there are other things that are more important than football – that’s all I will say.

Phone Book Reiki
I know this next idea probably sounds crazy. (That’s why I like it.) I was driving around the other day and an idea popped into my head. If I can send Reiki to people I’ve never met on a list, why not people listed in a phone book? It occurred to me that there were probably several cities around the
world that were full of people who could use some help.

I asked Kat which cities in the US would need it the most. She and I got the same first answer – Dallas, then Los Angeles, then Detroit. Denver is in there somewhere. I looked in my phone books. Guess what. There are no residential listings! I guess this will have to wait until later. Oh, well.

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