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1251929_zooming_textureBy: Alex
Fairies are mythological creatures to most people, but I (and many other people) believe they do exist. We are not aware of them in our modern world, but this is because they have gone into the earth.

They were active up until about the 1800’s or so, and went into the earth because most of the people who were familiar to them were persecuted and killed for being witches or being friendly to them. So most of the people who believed in them were no longer living.

I believe that the fairies will make a comeback on the earth, though probably not for a while. It will be after the Earth has more or less finished the so-called “Earth Changes.” Then the fairies will be needed to help the Earth regenerate and to re-establish plant life and to help us humans heal.

I knew one woman a few years back that I thought was friendly to the fairies – you could feel it in her house and her back yard. She herself was friendly and had a good sense of humor, and had statues of elves in her front yard. She seemed somewhat impish at times and had a rather infectious giggle that just came out of nowhere from time to time.

Nevertheless, I consider her a rarity in this day, and age. For the most part, people seem to think that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I can’t imagine that fairies would really like a lot of the energy from our modern electronic devices such as TV’s, stereos, cars, cell phone, the internet and so on.

So they might not be “Facebook Friendly.” (Although who knows, I could be completely wrong about that.) I am thinking of calling on the Fairies to help me in some situations in my life.

I was told by Kat (ext 7054), that you have to ask them for help – they will not just help you out of the blue. In addition, if you call on the fairies, you have to give them something in exchange.

She said to put out some food – something from the earth, something liquid and something else, maybe something sweet. She said if you do this you will see the food change over a period of a few days.

If you call on the fairies, you should be relatively specific in what you ask from them. I am thinking of asking them if they could help my houseplants grow more healthy, if they could help the grass grow in my yard, and if they would consider hanging out in my place (because I think they are kind of fun to have around).

And of course there are other things I want them to help me with, such as
finances and just plain having enough time to do the things I want. Kat said that if I called on the fairies that I would be pleasantly surprised by the results. Well, that’s fine with me.

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