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By : Nancy


I find missing people and pets. One time when I couldn’t find our cat I asked my Angel Board and it spelled “he’s on the roof”, I went outside and looked at the roof and low and behold I found our cat. I always look at lost cat and dog flyers as I’m walking along and stare at them and I get the answer “I’m gone” or “I’m not gone” and therefore I am a pet psychic who find’s pet’s that are lost or missing. If their gone my readings will give the heartbroken pet owner a reincarnation date that they will send them back on and in the reading I tell the customer what breed, a special mark that may be on their nose and what sort of pet store they may see them in and know. Therefore they are not lost forever as pets often return to their owners such as when they have a litter one may be a pet of the past. Also on that subject our cat’s had kittens and our neighbor took one of the cats and later he would be at my window on the second floor every night to come inside as they say cats choose their owners and he kept coming home, probably because they had a dog and he slept in the garage and finally I asked ” do you mind if we just keep him here?” and did. Another time a neighbors cat always waited on my balcony for me to come home and let him in as cats are psychic too and know who to connect to.

I connect to people who are alive or passed on by looking at their faces in a photo or on a poster “Missing Persons” and do readings to find them and I ask are you alive? If they died they explain what happened. If they are alive I get clairvoyant visions of where they are and what is going on around them.I use my gift to reunite love’s ones as I capable of helping to find the lost missing persons.

Often people want to know if a friend or relative they haven’t seen or heard from for a long time is alive and where they live now.
I also have customers ask me where is my son? when will they be home? are they at this friends house? and will they be picking up? I’m waiting for them to arrive, when will they be here and so on. Many parents call and ask these sort of questions. I get visions of where they are and also I get street names, cars and so on in clairvoyant visions in addition to channeling the persons being for information as I channel who are living also.

I reinact crimes that have happened by channeling people and their guides and Guardian Angels who keep track of events and give the information in the reading. I love finding the missing and lost so they are found. </div>
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