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By: Erin



For the Kids:


Make the fact that you got them socks fun for them with this cute twist.


1. Take any small container or cup and decorate it accordingly.

2. Take the socks and roll them up.

3. Place the socks in the container you chose and pull up from the center a bit to make the illusion of a cupcake.

4. Top the whole look off with a tasty treat like a lollipop or candy cane coming up from the center of the rolled socks.






For the One Who Enjoys Comfort:


Give this person a gift that will allow them to enjoy a nice in home pamper session.


1. Get a pair of cheap yet comfy slippers from Walmart/Payless/Target, etc.

2. Stuff each slipper with beauty and bath accessories. You can find bath bombs, face masks, bath salts, and beauty products pretty cheap at dollar stores and again; Walmart or Target.

3. For an extra treat slip in some tiny tasty treat they can enjoy during their relaxation like chocolate or hot coco mix.

4. Top it off with a cute bow.





For the Adventurous One:


Have you been on a special road trip together? Would you like to plan one for the near future? This is the perfect gift to give that person you would love to take an adventure with without shelling out the money ASAP.


1. (If you’ve already taken a memorable road trip with them) take a map of the trip and some needle and thread and stitch the path you went on together. For a little extra, if you had a particular funny thing happen or a great memory that stood out somewhere write it in next to that location.

2. If you want to plan a trip with someone, maybe you’ve tossed a few ideas around with them about possible road trips to take, do the same thing…grab a map, a needle and some thread and stitch your possible route and destination. As an added bonus you can get a couple different colored threads and stitch multiple destination options or different routes to take so you hit some cool places on your journey.

3. Finish it off by putting your Road Trip map into a frame and gift it to them.




For the Homebody:


New parents that don’t get to go out much? New couple to enjoy a nice relaxing night in together? Or anyone on your list who just likes to stay in and veg. This is the perfect gift.


1. Dollar stores and party stores sell plastic pop corn buckets. These are great and inexpensive.

2. Grab some pop corn mix, a few different types of candy, and some drinks and place them in the pop corn bucket.

3. Top it off with a movie they can enjoy for their night in.






This last one is perfect for anyone on your list you may have forgotten to get something for. It’s also great for office gifts or Pollyanna’s. You can make them in bulk and spend about $5-$10 total to make a dozen or more of these little gems.


1. Go to your local dollar store, craft store, or Walmart and grab a box or 2 (depending on how many you need) of clear plastic ornaments.

2. Grab some hot chocolate mix, some mini marshmallows, and any extras you may want like candy canes, peppermints, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

3. Remove the top of each ornament and grab a sheet of paper and roll it up to create a funnel so you can pour your ingredients into the ornament with little to no mess.

4. Start out with your hot chocolate mix. Fill about half of the ornament with the mix.

5. Take your accent treat (crushed peppermints, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc) and add a small layer on top of your hot chocolate mix.

6. Grab your mini marshmallows and fill the rest of the ornament up to just below the neck (where the top goes).

7. Place the top on and finish off with a little ribbon and you got yourself a great, thrifty little last minute gift.




If you have any other great last minute gift ideas to share, comment on this post!


Happy Holidays from us here at Psychics Foretell.



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