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By: Alex


I was standing in line at a place that sells burritos the other day when I got a feeling about a past life that I had. It gave me an insight into something that I believe has possibly changed not only my future but possibly some other peoples’ as well.


In this past life I was an Indian in what is now Mexico. This was at the time of the Spanish Conquistadors.  I think our tribe lived in or near the mountains. We knew that Cortez had come into our territory. The elders decided to split the tribe, in the hopes that we could reunite when things were safer.


One group went into the mountains. The group I was in was moving to another place that hopefully wouldn’t be discovered by the Spanish. I think there was a medicine man with us. We used canoes of some kind to go down a river. Somehow we ran into some of Cortez’ men. We were captured after we got out of the boats.


We were brought to another place. I think some kind of deal was made between our tribe and Cortez. In the end, I was sacrificed in front of the whole tribe. This was done as an example to the others in the tribe to show what would happen to them if they went against him.


I had known about this past life for a while. I knew who Cortez was in this life, although I never met them. For some reason I had decided to forgive him. At the time I thought that forgiving him was sufficient to clear this karma. However, it turned out there was more to this than I originally thought.


At the burrito shop, I suddenly realized that the people of my tribe (in the past life) had a rather large karmic debt that they owed me. This is how it was going to play out: Since they had sacrificed me (in that life) so they could live, they had deprived me of that lifetime. But now, in this life it was as if they “owed me a life” because they had taken mine back then. And this would require that they in turn sacrifice their lives for me. I don’t think it would have been literal sacrifice (of their life for mine), but it would have been a significant sacrifice nonetheless.


When I realized this, I thought how strange and bizarre that anyone should “owe” someone a life, even if it was as a karmic payback or rebalancing. I didn’t see any reason why anyone should have to sacrifice their life so I could have one, or why we should all have to go through this “karmic rebalancing” if we didn’t have to. I figured people have enough to do in this life, and I think time is growing short. If we could avoid having to go through this, it would give people more time to do other things and hopefully free up their energy in some way.


I realized if I forgave them their karmic debt that it would be as if it didn’t exist. So that’s exactly what I did. I just kept saying (out loud) “I now forgive all karmic debts that are owed to me by any person in any previous lifetime.” I also did other similar affirmations more specific to that situation, like forgiving the people who sacrificed me.


After I did this, I felt different, “freer”, much lighter. I can’t say how this affected my future, but it makes sense to me that it could. I think I have more freedom, more choices about what I can do than I did before.


I spoke to one of Foretell’s psychics about the whole thing later on. They basically confirmed what I was feeling. I asked how what I had done would affect the other people involved (the ones who “owed me a life.”)


The psychic said that these people’s lives would start making more sense to them, and that my life would become easier. I thought that was pretty cool. I like it when I can do something that helps people change their lives for the better.
Forgiveness is a very powerful thing. If are sincere about it and you truly decide to go this route, you can make a huge difference in not only your life but others’ lives as well.


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