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By J Nighteagle




The power of the Spirit of the East is illumination that opens the spiritual eye and brings enlightenment and discernment. It is the power of new beginnings and of fresh new life, like the awakening of Spring after the dormancy of Winter, and the arising of Dawn whose light disperses the darkness and dispels ignorance. It is awakening. It is new light. It is newness of life.


Experience something of the power of the East for yourself. Get up early enough to go out into the open air where you can listen for the start of the new dawn chorus as birds awaken from their slumber and herald the rising of the Sun in the East and you will know the joy of enlightenment. In Springtime, absorb yourself in the wonder of new life that is springing up from the earth all around you and contemplate on it, and you will recognize something of its tremendous power and vitality.


The Totem of the East is the Eagle. The Eagle flies higher then any other bird and therefore closer to the Sun, the source of light. Its closeness to the Sun – symbolic of the Great Spirit – is the reason for Eagle feathers being so prized by the Indian and used in headdresses and in other ways to indicate the wearers desire to draw close to the Great Spirit, and to the High Self.


The color assigned to the Spirit of the East is Yellow – the color of the rising Sun, and of illumination and enlightenment. So the EAST is the Path to work onto seek enlightenment, or in starting a new project, or when looking for a fresh new approach to a phase of ones life.

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