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By: J Nighteagle

Four Elements © Brunoil |
Four Elements © Brunoil |



Although the four primary forces influence all manifested things, one predominates in each of the four physical “kingdoms’ — mineral, plant, animal, and human. So each of the four kingdoms manifests an essential quality of the Power that chiefly influences or governs it and all of the formative Element of which it is primarily associated.


THE MINERAL KINGDOM of rocks and stones predominantly expresses one of these Powers and exhibits the quality of cohesion,  adhesion and aggregation. We might describe these cohesive qualities as essentially “ binding”. This inter-molecular Binding Force is the power that have centripetal movement – gravity, for instance, shows this. The Element which is associated with this force is EARTH.


THE PLANT KINGDOM predominantly expresses two Forces for it has, in addition to the Binding Force”s quality of bringing existing particle into cohesion, the second Force is the power of growth, of organization and of generating new forms by attracting the required material from the cosmic reservoir. This electro-magnetic Light Force is the Power that has wave movement. The Element which is associated with this force is WATER.


THE ANIMAL KINGDOM predominantly express three Forces and contains the qualities of both mineral and plant kingdoms but, additionally exhibits an even higher state of animation from a third Force, enabling the animal to experience sensation and the more sophisticated qualities of attraction and repulsion. For the first time, movement is possible under the direction of consciousness even if this is instinctive rather than willed. This Vibratory Force is the power that has oscillatory elliptical movement. Planetary orbits for instance show this, The Element associated with this Force is FIRE.


THE HUMAN KINGDOM expresses all four forces but exhibits predominantly the most subtitle of the four. One might described it as “egoistic” for it adds rational intelligence , determination of mind morality, self-consciousness and free will, which are not yet within the experience of the “lower” or less evolved kingdoms. The Element associated with this Force is AIR.


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