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By: Jack Alexander




The only solution to be healthy at any age is to do exercises at regular basis. Advantages of regular exercise may reduce high blood pressure, weight control, reduces anxiety and create well-developed muscles. Walking in sunrise, participating in games & going to aerobic classes are presently some of the exercises that adds to live healthy standard life.


Benefits of Exercise:


1. Helps us to Maintain healthy heart:


Heart is a muscle & it gets stronger & better if you live an energetic life. It’s never too late to start exercising and for exercising you don’t have to be any sportsperson or participant. Just doing fast walk for half hours a day makes a big difference. Once you get going daily, you will locate it pay off. People who are doing exercise possibly to get heart disease problems even though they are active. Regular exercise can help you to burn up calories, lower blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol, improves your HDL(good cholesterol).


2. Making us feel good & reduces stress:


When you exercise your brain release a ordinary chemical known as endorphins’ which makes us feel good. The release of such chemical is the usual process that your body uses to control feeling of pain and hunger. Endorphins are released into our bloodstream & its helps us to improve our frame of mind. Studies has revealed that such endorphins play an vital role in reducing stress as well as helps us to be relax.


3. Weight loss or burning extra fats in our body :


Person who are overweight have a slower metabolism than those person having no superfluous fat in them. Scientists has proved that those having thin especially healthy muscle tone burn fat even more well. Reliable cardiovascular exercise for 3 to 4 times a week, helps to burn fat & convert it into lean muscle tone. Top most technique to burn fat is to do aerobic exercise like running, jogging & cycling. Such exercise helps us to build muscles.


4. Increase in efficiency & power levels:


Nutrition, Sleeping habits, stress levels all three things affect our energy levels. But to get rid of such problems, the best solution is to do exercise on regular basis doing exercise on regular basis that helps us to increase our energy and stamina as well as makes us more aware. As soon as you exercise, you can able to increase your heart rate causing more blood to flow around your body & through the brain. The oxygen from our blood which is received by the brain is absorbed by the mind cells making you feel more active & mentally alert. Since blood contains sugar which our brain uses as fuel, exercise increases the sugar levels received by the brain and enhance the skill of the enzymes in our body to use that fuel.


Therefore, doing exercise on daily basis makes our body to become more healthier & muscular no matter you are of what age.



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