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Gemini – Sex and Astrology

Falling under the symbol of the twins, Gemini are chameleons able to change to suit many situations, however because of this natural ability Gemini are sometimes perceived as ‘two-faced’ and inconsistent. Gemini have an active mindset, never staying still for too long, lest they become tied down, or worse, bored. Gemini can be critical but usually soften this with their wit and diplomacy. Gemini has a natural ability to communicate, and often buzz with infectious energy, frequently the life of the party, and thus are quite sought after in social situations.
Common Characteristics of Gemini: Sociable, adaptable, changeable, talkative, polite, smart, nervous, energetic, cunning, inconsistent, superficial, inquisitive, reserved.
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Yellow, White   Birthstones: Aquamarine, agate, carnelian, sapphire

GEMINI: Fickle by nature and let’s just face it what Gemini doesn’t blow hot and cold signals? Mercury is the planet and just like the roman god it was named for, this sign is as far as you can get to straightforward and uncomplicated when it comes to their desires. There’s a duality in this sign and with the symbol of the twins this tends to mean they can have an inner conflict about their wants and desires. They like adventure, intrigue, and have been know to be risk takers especially in the bedroom. They avoid boredom like it was a dangerous plague so they have vast interests. Verbal communication is the master key when dealing with this bed fellow. So be witty and prepare to hear them tell you some things that will make your cheeks pink.

Women: An absolute tease! She’s flirty, seductive, and is always happy taking an active role in sex play. Talk dirty to this girl and you’ll be surprised by a few of her words back because this usually sets the mood for some hot freaky love in her opinion.

Men: The verbal tauter who is going to satisfy you. There’s a very strong imagination when he compliments you. This man likes to dive into interests and keeps the mood light and airy. Mentally simulate and tantalize this sign and you’ll see how far you can go with a man who has a duality of the twins in him

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