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By : Nancy

I had an encounter with a ghost in 1983 in a hundred year old house I lived in in the Silver Lake Hills in California. The ghost would blast classical music in the middle of the night and the stereo was set on another music station and it was off. I would sit up in the middle of the night when the classical music blasted on or walk into the hall and it would go off. The lights would turn on and off in the stair landing, when I got up I saw them on and then they went off, a ghost playing tricks on me I thought, one with a sense of humor it seemed but it scared me. Also, when I was laying in bed the bedroom door would open and the cats and dogs would sit up and stare with their hair up at the ghost in the hallway and all the shutters on both sides of the room would open at the same time. A real Ghost in the old house in Silverlake where I was house sitting and one day I packed up my car and ran from the ghost, I moved out. I thought he must be the original owner, a piano player or classical musician, the owners knew of the ghost also and Ghost Busters I was not doing yet but have learned how to do them right on the phone by channeling the entity’s-ghosts I break them down when they are wound up. Others are just lost souls who passed up their opportunity to fly to the light of heaven up the swirling tunnel or up the back gate with a couple angels if they have to confess. Who was the ghost I ask? as I channel spirits who are passed on, also I communicate to Ghosts to take them to heaven and I channel people living as a medium. The man is still there my reading says and did build the house and will never return now as hes gone to heaven by me asking as when they are called upon they have the opportunity to write by me as a medium and they must go to the light of the heavenly spirit realm to have the lit pen to tap upon to write the words they want to say to their relatives and friends. He says I was there then and for many years I did know shes the gold and the save life lady with the capability of an open vessel shooting from her head and does have this transparent gift for years thats invisble to the human eye but not to I as a real Ghost who did some humor haunting and she did flee away to say I’m afraid but not that scared as hes not a poltergeist just a ghost who would say boo to get attention to let me know he’s there as the real original owner of the house. He says I did go to the light of the speeding fast tunnel today just now as they called upon me and said its time as Nancy Fox our medium has asked for you to explain the haunting in the house. He says I did fly past her to say Au revoir when she asked for me to explain and I did haunt them a little to let them know I am the real orginal owner and that house is still mine I say as the Gods that be say I may return there someday as a reincarnated owner as I love it so much and she shall know and predict my reincarnation, so I may return to that area and buy my great house on a hill with a view someday as one of the owners is with me now and he;s her guide since he died around ten years ago and I died by a car accident and left my body and flew in the house and stayed there to tell someone why I left. My wife had died already and I am uncertain of my past so long ago but I did play a classical instrument and I did change the radio dial and I did turn the hallway lights on and off to suprise the house sitter Miss Nancy Fox and I did have the capability of opening the shutters on both sides of the room at the same time to alert them I died and I am here in this earthly realm and its my home and I’m not ever leaving I thought all the while I knew I would someday and did fly on to God today and I am explaining this as the medium is asking me for the explanation as it was real ghost encounter and thanks to her there are no more ghosts there now because I flew to the light finally as she asked me to explain this as she tells many this stories and I am really writing this by her hands the channeling typer for all of them in heaven who are picked upon to write it all out as she explains many answers by the spirit guides to customers and does many de ghosting’s, Thank you for allowing me to say I died in an auto wreck by a train near there, a trolley car I say it was so many years back and I did build my house on a hill with my bare hands as a carpenter and a classical opera musician and vocalist I said thats who I am as I flailed around the house of mine for seventy nine years after I died,

Another ghost encounter I had was about a year ago, a entity came in the apartment on the second floor and sat on the couch and put his hands on my framed photographs and my Guardian Angels pushed him right out the second floor window and I saw it with my eyes believe it or not? They keep them away and protect me by many walls of angels who gaurd my open vessel. I do many ghost clearings for customers who call me and say please get the ghost out of our house, I swirl my hand around and they are taken to the light and Ghost clearings I do very fast by my channeling them to leave in a Ghost buster telephone psychic reading.

Years ago I did the Ouija Board when I was a kid and it kept flying off the board and scared me then, I put it in the closet high on the shelf and was afraid of it when I went to sleep at night and one day I grabbed it and threw it in the trash. Years later I started doing the Angel Board a similar device and began channeling on it as a medium and I felt elated in a spiritual realm no longer afraid as I channeled many important beings and passed on relatives and friends and they are my guides I take ghosts to heaven and shoo them out of houses to clear the ghost energy and I’m not afraid now as I’ve learned to face them head on as I have a band of Angels protecting me who are above and around me assisting me with Ghost Bustings.





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