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By: Adam



Uh-oh. Got the blues? Feeling cranky? Worried you are spiraling downward and won’t be able to pull out of the nosedive? Stuck in a rut and it’s not exactly the loveliest rut?


You are not alone.


What always scares me about being in a rut is the fact that the universe will match my vibration. In fact, the universe will not miss a beat in terms of providing a physical equivalent of the signal/vibration you emanate: it is the most perfect and loyal mimeograph machine (3D printer), “Wherever you go, there you are!”


Here are some of my favorite methods for raising one’s vibration:


1. Getting the poison out. Getting the anger out. If you can get the anger out, the frustration, the resentment, you will raise your vibration without even trying. Why? Your vibration is naturally a thing of beauty, a thing of love, a thing of gloriousness and nothing less. If a thought, notion or idea doesn’t feel good, get rid of it; it’s holding down your vibration. DO NOT fight against negativity or try to force yourself to think “positively.” Just dump the lead weight. Run the poison out on a treadmill, slug it out on a punching bag, a long walk, a swim–the key is to not fight against worry and anger but to channel the lead into something that helps or inspires you (gold into lead). Be the alchemist.


2. Deep belly laughs. The kind of laughs that start from way down below Florida and find their way out your mouth. The kind of laughing that makes your abs tight the next day. This is instant medicine. The process of looking for things to inspire deep belly laughs is also good medicine.


3. Hug a baby. When you hug a newborn, all those little complaints and grievances and woe-is-me thoughts fall away. It is awfully hard to give time and attention to those pesky lesser ideas of yourself with a new arrival in your arms.


4. Stop trying to manifest. That’s right: STOP TRYING TO MANIFEST. There’s a big difference between having and wanting. You know what I am talking about. You walk down the street wanting love, go about your day wanting love, people will dive out of the way to avoid you, and when you get someone to answer back they treat you like Typhoid Mary or they simply take you for granted. Now, when you are out and about glowing with that newly-fallen-in-love glow, everybody smiles, the birds are singing for you, every song on the radio seems as if it were written for you. Why does this happen? You know why: there’s a difference between having and wanting, and only you can decide which signal you are offering.


5. Fake it. If you feel about as wonky as a bag of frogs, and you want to feel happy, confident, alive, then fake it until you do. Current trends in neuroscience have proven again and again that body language not only affects how others see you, but how YOU see you. In fact, a stronger, healthier, happier stance/posture will boost cortisol, testosterone, estrogen. Don’t believe me? Give this a test. Spend the next 15 minutes physically acting like the most amazing person living out a pinnacle of happiness in their life. Smile with your whole body! You will feel better before the 15 minutes are up. It’s not fakery, it is simple biochemistry controlled by you.


My favorite method of raising my vibration is Mantra Yoga. The way Madame Blavatsky practiced it. But I will save this for another blog entry. You really don’t need help with this. You have absolute control of the signal you are offering. In fact, the art of raising one’s vibration/signal is something you are so good at, and have been doing effortlessly for so long, you have forgotten to remind yourself of the secret.



*Editors note* Adam is one of our master psychics here at Foretell. You can check out his full bio along with our other psychic bio’s here.

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