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By: J Nighteagle



Preparation for creative visualization.


Exercise 1.


This exercise is for those of you who have difficulty visualizing. Ground and center. Close your eyes, and imagine you are looking at a white wall or a blank screen. Practice visualizing simple geometric forms: a line, a dot, a circle, a triangle, an ellipse, and so on.


When you are able to see the forms clearly, visualize the screen in color: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, violet, and black in turn. It may help to look at a colored object with your eyes open, first-then close your eyes and mentally see the color.


Finally, practice visualizing the geometric forms in various colors. Change the colors and forms until you can mentally picture them at will.


Exercise 2.


Before beginning visualization practice, we should ground and center ourselves. This is again one of the basic techniques of meditation work. Grounding means to establish an energy connection with the earth. Another method is called the Tree of Life exercise. Another is to visualize a cord or pole extending from the base of your spine into the center of the earth. Center yourself by alining your body along it”s center of gravity. Breathe from your center- from your diaphragm and abdomen. Feel the energy flow up from the earth and fill you.


Grounding is important because it allows you to draw on the earth”s vitality, rather than depleting your own. When channeling energy, it serves as a psychic lightening rod-forces run through you into the earth, rather then “burning out” your mind and body.



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