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By : Nancy


I have been writing for passed on relatives for Foretell Psychic customers who inquire about their loved ones who crossed over, and some are a ghost and brought up to communicate to the psychic customer in my psychic medium phone readings and when they ask a written question. I have learned the passed on relatives are often a spirit guide for the person asking about them and for others and that they have different color halo’s and their wings are lengthened by their work and when they communicate by me as they go up to heaven from their station, earth realm spirit guide position to speak by me a medium and to write by me a channel writer by their pen taping a crystal light glowing pen they tap and I type the words and they earn different ranks of halo’s, such as a red halo is a guide protector and a Saint, a deep blue halo is an enlightening accomplishment such as pen taping a heavenly pen and my writing for them,a white halo is a Saint and or a Lord. How many colors of halos are there? There are ten halo rank colors and they are yellow for real ancient Angels, green for a prosperity guide position that is also called a money guide such as a mathematician, pink is for a child of woo who lost their life at too young of an age, grey is for an ancestor who speaks by their great light energy flying around by large embellished wings, black is for a senior who’s parting from their stature to return to their earth life as a reincarnation and they are mourned in heaven as their loss is felt there and they are returned to earth at conception and on that note I also predict the best conception dates, predicated due dates and the genders of children in my readings as a pregnancy predictor and I can find out which people have reincarnated, who they are, and where they live. The other halo colors are miraculous shades of embellished jeweled gold with a matching pendulum that does sway around the special person they guard and protect on earth,turquoise blue is for a Saint who is part time in their sphere who works on their own tasks on earth and fly’s up to the top of the pearly white stairs to singing Angels around them shouting in glee when they appear. The relatives are always so excited to communicate to their loved ones and tell them what they have been doing, their work on earth as a guide often, stations they call them, and they fly up to heaven to speak to their relative who asked how they are in the reading and its a real miracle and they often earn a halo or and are crowned and their wings get longer and they are relieved to inform someone about their status and well being in their heavenly spirit life as they are the same being that were on earth but in a spiritual being form and or an angel form, the color halo they are assigned to and the wing length which they may not have when the person asks about them but they do by the end of the reading for communicating.




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