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by Christina Anastasiou
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage
I read today that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are getting pretty haute and heavy. According to US Weekly, the pair was spotted in Connecticut house hunting. Personally, I think its too soon for the starlet to be moving in with the already divorced actor. He’s a decade older than her, not that that matters. It seems like he is ready to settle down with Blake or could this be temporary? Its no surprise that Reynolds feels at home with Blake. Blake is a Virgo and Ryan is a Scorpio. Virgos love being at home and love to decorate homes. Although Virgos are at home kittens, they’re also very independent. The sex must be great between these two. The male Scorpio is mysterious and sexy, unlike the misunderstood masculine female Scorpio. Blake is one of my personal favorites and she’s a sweetheart. When I met her at the Met Gala’s red carpet last year, she was such a star. She was very polite and she even stopped to say hi to her fans. She reminds me of a young Ingrid Bergmen with a dash of Audrey Hepburn. Don’t they remind you of a younger version of Ryan and Tatum O’Neal? Let’s hope they don’t fight like them. I wish this couple nothing but haute love.

Psychic Terry, ext.7049, does not agree and believes unfortunately these two are headed for Splitsville, “If I talk to you a year from today they will already be in the process of splitting up. They aren’t going to last very long.”

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